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Easy Recipes to Promote Health for Kids

Health For Kids

Kids are very important to everyone. We want them to be healthy and stay that way. This is why we need to make sure they eat the right nutritious food, and enjoy eating those foods. A health show for kids would be awesome because they could get involved and want to eat and make good food.

If I were to make a healthy snack for a kids show, it would be a recipe for Peanut Butter Pinwheels. Most kids love peanut butter sandwiches so this would be a wonderful healthy lunch for them. In this lunch you have all natural peanut butter, shredded apples, shredded carrots, one whole wheat tortilla and one bamboo skewer.

First, spread the peanut butter on the whole wheat tortilla, top the tortilla with shredded carrots and apples, and roll up! All this together makes a wonderful and nutritious lunch for kids. To promote my cooking show I would have guest stars come one that all the kids know. For instance I would invite a Nickelodeon star to join me and make their favorite health food for the children. I would also try to ask Nickelodeon to promote my show on their channel.

To get your kids to enjoy eating healthy meals you might want to ask them to help you make their lunches. Kids love having hands on experience with most things; I know I did when I was little. One lunch option kids love is hotdogs, I don’t think I have ever met one kid who didn’t like hotdogs.


Hotdogs aren’t always the healthiest option. An alternate for a hot dog is turkey meat in a bun. Just like a hotdog you can roll it up and put ketchup and mustard on top. This is a healthier option that is just as delicious.

Desserts are everyone’s weakness. Kids especially like to have cake or brownies, anything sweet. There is a way to still have all that but healthier; the 100-calorie packs from Nabisco and Hostess are wonderful ideas for desert after lunch. Another healthy dessert option would be apple wedges.

In this recipe, you slice an apple and then let all the slices soak in a bowl of cold water with a couple drops of lemon juice in it. After the apples slices are fully dry carefully spread peanut butter and cream cheese on the apples slices, then dip the slices into bowls of toppings. Some examples of toppings would be: granola, chocolate, coconut, dried cranberries, raisins, chopped nuts, toasted wheat germ, and ground flax meal. This is a nutritious end to any meal.

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