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Easy Diet for an Easy Lifestyle


With fad diets and claims to fast weight loss populating every page of magazines and every TV station, you may be thinking of trying one of these so-called diets. And although some of these diets have been successful for some people, there is an easier way to lose weight. By simply making a few changes, you can follow an easy diet and have great success.

Drink water in place of soda

Adding more water to your diet is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and improve your health. Water can quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. For the first step to your easy diet, replace soda, juice and energy drinks with water.   

Skip the Drive-Thru

Fast food and the drive-thru has become commonplace in America but that does not mean that it should be a part of your easy diet. If you visit the drive-thru more than once a week, you can be wreaking havoc on your health. As a part of your easy diet, instead of eating fast food, replace one fast food meal each day with a healthier, low calorie alternative. And if fast food is the only available option, buy the smallest size available and do not refill your drink.

Take one less bite

To easily eat fewer calories without sacrificing taste and pleasure, eat one less bite of each food at each meal. This easy diet trick still leaves you feeling full and satisfied but it can help you eat fewer calories each day. 

Load up on low calorie foods

One reason that many diets fail is because people eat too much of the wrong foods. To avoid this, fill up on low calorie healthy foods such as spinach, lettuce, carrots and grapes. By doing this, you can feel full and satisfied even though you are eating fewer calories. Also as part of your easy diet, replace a high calorie snack such as chips with a low calorie alternative like almonds. 


If you are craving dessert or a high calorie, unhealthy food, it can be very hard to stick to your diet. Instead of harming your diet by eating a large serving of your craving, eat a small serving or only a few bites and walk away for fifteen minutes. Often, after fifteen minutes you will be as satisfied with the smaller portion as you would be if you ate more. 

Dieting does not need to be difficult. With a few helpful tips, you can follow an easy diet and lose the weight you want to lose. But remember that weight loss success rarely occurs overnight. Lastly, if you believe that there is an underlying medical cause that has led to weight gain, seek help from your medical professional. 

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Written By bistroMD Team. Published on August 15, 2013. Updated on August 15, 2013.


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