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11 Weight Loss Tips to Stay Motivated

It is all too familiar: You anxiously decide to embark on a weight loss journey and are more than determined to do so. But after day-to-day stressors and responsibilities, your energy starts to take a hit and you find yourself unmotivated and dispirited. So if the enthusiasm has plummeted, learn to stay motivated to lose weight with these helpful tips!


11 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

1. Establish Goals
One of the best ways to stay motivation to lose weight is by establishing goals, constructing based on the acronym "SMART" (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). Setting small goals is also encouraged to reduce overwhelming feelings that may detour and discourage your efforts.

2. Write It Down
Write down your health goals with pen and paper, as research supports doing so increases adherence and compliance. Also write down your biggest inspirations and hang in frequented areas, including the fridge and bathroom mirror, to keep motivation peaked.

3. Talk About It
Start talking openly and positively about your weight loss to yourself and others, as doing so can increase motivation, accountability, and compliance to your action plan. Give yourself a personal pep talk for quick and efficient motivation, along with incorporating change talk, or statements regarding commitment to behavioral changes.

4. Prepare A Game Plan
But don't just talk about... Be about it! Make goals into actions by preparing a game plan and developing a strategy. And equally as important, expect and overcome barriers and obstacles and be prepared to modify your plan as needed. Also strategize ways to deal with stress and implement positive coping skills, including walking, talking with a friend, and meditating.

5. Reward Yourself
Reward yourself when goals are accomplished to keep motivated throughout the weight loss process. For instance, self-gift those new pair of headphones for your workouts, a massage or bath to relax, or simply devote an hour to "you" time!

6. Document Progress
Documenting your journey allows you to visually recognize progress and spark motivation to keep you moving. Along with taking those notorious progress pictures, document feelings, emotions, and energy levels during your weight loss journey.

7. Simplify the Process
Rather than becoming discouraged and unmotivated, simplify your weight loss plan to increase compliance. For instance, keep meals prepped, have workout clothes out each morning, and utilize a weight loss meal delivery service such as bistroMD!

8. Join Forces with Others
Remember, you are not in this journey alone. Increase your motivation by working out with others, along with participating in a little friendly competition! Have fun competing with others at a workout class, kickball tournament, or an online walking challenge. Also confide in support from others, including friends and family, coworkers, neighbors, online support groups, and healthcare professionals.

9. Step Away from the Scale
While weighing yourself regularly can keep goals in check and lead to positive affirmations, obsessively stepping on the scale can be a mind game. So step away from the scale and start looking beyond it for weight loss motivation, as your weight loss journey is much more than that number reflecting back at you!

10. Enjoy the Process
Though it is easy to get distraught when plans and goals are not aligning, it is important to enjoy the process. When times get difficult, simply stand back and reflect on what you have already accomplished and just how strong mentally and physically you are.

11. Review these Tips
Having to dig deep to find your motivation? Rather than giving up, simply review these tips again and allow yourself a mental and physical break as needed. After your enthusiasm is regained, get back on track and carry on!

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on May 31, 2013. Updated on May 07, 2019.


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