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Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 5

Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 5

Conquering the Turning Point

Not only are our Spartan warriors training intensely, but they are about to reach a turning point in their workout.

“After 6.5 weeks, our team of Spartan warriors will be changing to a more intense routine,” says Dr. Sean Wells, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and the fitness expert at BistroMD. “In order to prepare for the Spartan Race, our team needs to be able to master very rigorous and very intense physical obstacles with strength and endurance. 6.5 weeks is about the average time your body needs to develop the endurance to conquer these type of physical challenges.”

In order to prepare their minds and bodies for this upcoming physical transformation, BistroMD’s team of Spartan warriors are practicing a healthy lifestyle in order to prepare themselves for this shift in intensity. Here is what they are doing to maintain their health, and their motivation.

1. Waking Up to a Healthy Breakfast

“Every morning, I make sure I eat a healthy breakfast,” says Amanda, a member of BistroMD’s marketing team, and a Spartan warrior. “Typically, my breakfast palette consists of two scrambled eggs, with no salt, a piece of whole wheat toast, and a serving of either mixed fruit or low-fat yogurt.”

A protein-packed breakfast like this is ideal if you are doing consistent training. The protein in the eggs will keep you fuller longer, and they carbohydrates in the toast will give you needed energy.

“As far as beverages go, I usually drink a glass of orange juice,” says Amanda. “I’ve had issues with fainting before, so the sugar in the orange juice keeps my blood sugar from dropping too low.”

Another important tip: drink plenty of water the day before, and make sure you always have some water handy during your workout, especially if you work up a sweat.

If you are working out in the afternoon, make sure you eat a high-protein snack at least 2-3 hours prior.

Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 52. Making Time to Do More Relaxing Activities

“Even if you are training intensely for a marathon, or for an event like the Spartan Race, it’s important that you give your body a day of rest,” says Sean. “This prevents injury, and allows recovery time for your body to replenish energy stores, as well as fluid loss.”

Our team of Spartan warriors also take their day of rest seriously, but still make time to do leisurely, physical activities.

“I always take my day of rest seriously, but I always find time to do simple things, like walk my dog,” says Wes. “My dog Baxter and I go for long walks around our community. It’s great because I still feel relaxed, but I am still up and moving around. The nice weather makes it that much more enjoyable.”

Our Spartan warriors also embrace other leisurely, physical activities.

“Since my husband and I are doing this race together, we also do things together on our weekends off, other than workout,” says Amanda. “One thing we love to do is play miniature golf. The competition keeps us motivated, but it’s also fun. It gives our minds a break from the stress of preparing for the race.”

When taking the day off, just make sure that you really take the day off—no running and no intense training. If you are going to be up and about, make sure it is something leisurely, and something that you truly enjoy.

For more tips from our fitness expert, please visit our healthy facts section for more information.

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