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Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 2

Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 2

After an intense training session with BistroMD’s fitness expert, Sean, it was time for our Spartan warriors to carry out their new workout regimens on their own.

“Maintaining your motivation and staying consistent with your program is the most difficult thing to do when it comes to training for a race like this,” says Sean. “This is where self-discipline becomes crucial.”

With a week to train on their own, see how our BistroMD Spartan warriors did, and learn tips from them on how to stay motivated when it comes to achieving your fitness goal.

“I Bring My Workout Buddy with Me”

Amanda is the only female on the BistroMD Spartan team, which means that her physical demands are more challenging. Just so she doesn’t lose faith, and keeps trucking along with her training plan, she got her husband involved in the race, and the two are workout buddies.

“It’s great that we both work out together,” says Amanda. “It definitely keeps me more motivated. He is always encouraging me to keep going, and he makes a great spotter.”

Bringing your significant other, or even a workout buddy can have a tremendous effect on your overall motivation and your determination to keep moving forward.

Once you and your workout buddy make a commitment to workout, sit down together and come up with a schedule you can stick to. Mapping out a weekly workout schedule will help you keep each other motivated.

You can remind each other about your next workout, and hold each other accountable. As you start to lose weight and accomplish your goals, compliment each other on your success, and keep pushing each other to reach your final goals.

“I Embrace Mother Nature”

Take advantage of the change in the seasons. Instead of hopping on a treadmill indoors for cardio, jog or run outside.

“I live in Southwest Florida, so when fall sets in, I take full advantage,” says Wes from BistroMD’s marketing team, and a member of the Spartan team. “I live in a community that has a nice path that goes around the entire development. If I get tired of the gym ‘atmosphere’ I grab my gear and just head outside. The scenery is a lot better, and just being outside lifts my spirits.”

If you live in a state that gets a few snow flurries during the winter, doing cardio outdoors is a wise idea, especially since you probably won’t be able to step foot outside in the next couple of months. Going outside while you can now will make you more likely to want to go to the gym, even when the cold weather hits.

Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 2“I Increase My Motivation by Keeping Track”

“It may be an extra step, but keeping track of your progress is a wise idea,” says Sean. “In fact, I encourage all of my clients to do it. It really puts your progress into perspective, and makes you feel really good about what you have accomplished.”

When you first start your workout, write down every cardio and resistance-training activity you are doing. Outline your workouts in a sequential order, and week after week, track your progress. If your initial starting point for cardio is 3 miles, mark this down, but keep track of increases in your intensity and mileage after each workout.

The same thing goes for resistance training. For each exercise, jot down your initial times/reps, and then gradually track the intensity and length week after week. If you are doing exercises like squats and heel raises, you will also want to keep track of the pounds of weights you are using after each activity.

“Every week, I get more and more excited about my progress, which motivates me even more to keep working hard at my next session,” says Amanda. “When you can literally see your progress week after week, it makes all of the hard work worth it.”

Our Spartans will continue to train for the next five months, and each week, we will bring you exclusive tips, based on their workouts.

Keep following our marketing team until they reach the finish line at the Super Spartan Race in Miami, Florida on February 25th.

For more exercise and fitness tips, please visit the healthy facts section of our website.

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