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Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 13

Shuttle Running, Jumping Rope, and Pulling Through

In less than two months, our team of Real Food Warriors will tackle one of the most difficult races they have ever had to face.

“In less than two months, our training for the past 13 weeks will really be put to the test through this intense course,” says Sean Wells, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and the fitness expert at BistroMD. “The cardio techniques and power training activities will really help our warriors pull through some of the more difficult obstacles this race has to offer.”

See what our warriors are doing to prepare for the four miles of cardio, the crawl through mud, and the overhaul of pulling themselves over walls.


Spartan Warrior Week 13Shuttle Running for Better Efficiency

“Shuttle running has really been an integral part of our training for the past few weeks,” says Sean. “Shuttle runs are a great activity to do in preparation for a race like the Super Spartan Race. The swift intensity of running back and forth will help prepare our team for the changes in intensity they will face on the actual course.”

Shuttle running also keeps you light on your feet, which is what our warriors will need as they make shifts between running and performing an activity. Agility is a major component of this race.

Achieving this efficiency in intensity will make for a steadier pace on race day. If you want to incorporate shuttle running into your own workout, all you really need is a set of cones, or a series of objects you can use instead.

Set the cones about four feet apart from each other. As fast as you can, run to one cone, run back to your starting point, then run to the second cone, and back, and then to the third cone. Give yourself a good amount of resting time (between 2-3 minutes), and then perform the drill again.

Jumping Rope for Power

“Not only does jumping rope promote power, but it also helps promote endurance, as it can be a very intense activity,” says Sean.

Jumping rope can be performed in conjunction with your cardio routine, and should be done at one-minute intervals. Your maximum heart rate should be between 70-80%.

Rotate jumping rope with your shuttle runs, and even perform some cone weaves. Your heart should be racing at the end of these activities, so make sure you give yourself enough time to rest in between.

Pulling Up to Pull Through

“Many of the obstacles at the Super Spartan Race will require our warriors to hurl themselves over walls, and will require them to lift their own body weight,” says Sean. “This is why pull ups are so essential to this workout. If you can pull up your own body weight, pulling through these obstacles will be easier.”

Since pull ups require a lot of strength, start out by doing smaller reps. If need be, ask for help. Cross your ankles and have a friend give you a small boost. Do about three reps of pull ups altogether. Pulling up your own weight should get easier each time, so have a friend help you less and less each time you perform this activity.

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