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Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 10

Diary of a Spartan Warrior: Week 10

In their tenth week of training, our Spartan warriors are getting geared up to leap through fire, and to harness their inner balance to scale across a rock wall that stretches for about a quarter of a mile.

“The strength training and power training that our warriors are doing will enable them to master any of the obstacles that they will be faced with on race day, including a fire pit and scaling a rock wall that stretches for about a quarter mile,” says Sean Wells, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and the fitness expert at BistroMD.

To see how their training is allowing these warriors to leap through fire and to scale a rock wall, here is what they are doing to get prepared.

Power Jumps

In order to achieve balance and power, our Spartan warriors are jumping to new heights.

“Our Spartan warriors have been doing power jumps in conjunction with their established workout to promote balance and power,” says Sean.

To do your own power jumps, simply set up what you will need at your local gym. Request four cones, with a small bar that you can use to leap over. Set up these “jumping bars” about 2-3 feet apart from each other.

Start out with both feet flat on the floor with knees bent until you are almost in a squatting position. With your arms back, push through the jump until you land on the other side of the bar.

“Before you make the first jump, judge your distance and after you land, push up again as fast as you can, staying on your feet for as little time as possible,” says Sean. “This not only promotes power by pushing up from the first jump, but it also promotes balance and stability.”

Shuttle and Move

Another way to promote balance, agility and strength is to perform a shuttle run.

“Shuttle runs are a great way to promote power, agility and balance, which is what our warriors will need when they face some of the more challenging obstacles,” says Sean.

For shuttle runs, start by putting either your left or right foot down first. Then, swiftly bring the other foot in front of the other, and then quickly alternate while crossing your feet while briskly moving to the side. With each change in movement, make sure your hips twist to the side as you alternate your steps.

“Shuttle runs are a great activity to include in any routine because they encourage you to be quick on your feet,” says Sean. “In order to run four miles and in order to complete these obstacles, our warriors are going to need this skill.”

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