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Diabetic Food: Debunking Myths

Diabetic Food: Debunking Myths

It comes as a surprise that no matter how advanced we become as a culture, we still believe in the myths that cloud our society. Some myths exist in order to teach morals, while others exist because of fear of the unknown.

Diabetes is a condition that has spawned a lot of myths.

Unfortunately, these myths do little for individuals with the condition. Typically, there only purpose is to promote fear. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths surrounding diabetes.

Myth #1: Diabetic food has to be bland and tasteless.

This myth is entirely false. There is, in fact, no such thing as “diabetic food”. There is just real food eaten in moderation. The diabetic food that someone has to eat is basically food that is nutritious and low in sugar, because if the sugar gets to high, the person may have problems lowering it, especially if they are not on insulin.

Myth #2: Sweets are not considered to be diabetic food.

It used to be believed that no diabetic could have any sweets. They would avoid nearly any food that contained high amounts of sugar. It is true that sweets do cause blood glucose to rise, but so do many other foods, such as fruits, breads, and milk. Diabetics can eat whatever they choose, but they have to carefully monitor how many carbohydrates they are taking in during the day to make sure that their blood glucose levels don't get too high.

Myth #3: All diabetic food has to be prepared with an artificial sweetener.

This myth appeared in the last twenty years because of the growing popularity of artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are actually quite different from regular sugar. Artificial sweeteners don't have the same amount of carbohydrates that regular sugar does. Using one sugar over another is a personal choice. Some diabetics choose to cook with only artificial sweeteners, while others choose to cook with regular sugar and moderate what they are eating. Regardless of whether you choose to cook with artificial sweeteners or not, you will have to watch what you eat, and eat healthy.

Myth #4: Diabetics should eat a lot of fiber to lower blood sugar.

There has been a lot of research done in regards to fiber being a blood sugar regulator. So far it has been confirmed that fiber does help to lower the sugar level a bit, but it is not enough to warrant stopping taking your medication, or watching your meals. Fiber is important for everyone to eat, not just diabetics.

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