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Compulsive Eating Habits and the Ever Growing Pants

Compulsive Eating Habits

For the past 40 years, the United States has been struggling to maintain its average pant size. Today, the average pant size for women is at an all-time high of 14, the size for men is 32”. In reality, plain and simple, our country is getting fatter.

My generation was born right in the heart of the new era of this surprisingly delicious thing called fast food. It was the “bees knees” and everybody was eating it. On the way to basketball practice there is no time for food at home so, it’s just easier to slip into a fast food line and pick up something that has zero nutritional value.

Another contributor to the weight gain is the extremely high levels of stress throughout the country. From losing their houses to the bank, to not being able to find a job, people have acquired added stress within the past four years. When people’s bodies are set in stress mode they turn to one thing, food.

Compulsive eating habits have been around forever. It’s just a fact, when there is something wrong internally, people look to food as a cure. When this happens, we get addicted to the “full feeling” that we made ourselves feel by overeating. We then overfill ourselves again, leading to weight gain.

My aunt, for instance, was quite big for her height. When her husband passed away from cancer, she turned to food to fix her problems. She would overfill her stomach - eating five to six meals a day. She was unhealthy and looked horrible.

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