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Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Ice cream dripping off the cone on a summer’s day is never frowned upon, but when the ice cream scoop hits the ground, then tears flow freely.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said, “Let food be thy medicine...” What an intelligent man. There are many types of food including comfort food. When someone is depressed or bored they may resort to eating, I know I do both. The consumption of food is one of the few things in life that a person CAN control.

Think of a skinny little boy going home after school from being made fun of all day. Where does he go, to the refrigerator of course. Eating anything and everything in sight. No matter how much he eats, that food will never judge him like the harsh children at school.

Whether it be a break up in a relationship that leaves a girl with chocolate stains on her face, or a little cold, eating the right foods can help alleviate our worries. It could be chicken noodle soup for an upset stomach, or a coffee to help keep us awake at work. If a woman is pregnant and she is having a craving, she rushes out to grab the food item of her desire, be it a hotdog with relish, or a tomato stuffed with anchovies.

No matter if people want to believe it or not, we as humans, are addicted to food. We become testy and short-tempered when we are hungry, and when we are full we cannot stand the sight of any more food. oddly enough, in a hour or two that refrigerator door will be opened again and we will be stuffing our faces with the French Onion dip and Ruffles chips.

What do we as Americans do on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even the random holidays thrown in by Hallmark? We celebrate by eating. The family gets over their battles to come together to eat, have some quality time together, and then eat some more.

Making various creations in the kitchen can provide the inventor inspiration. If the food is gross the simple fix is to throw it out and try it again. Recipes, not unlike famous people, do not make it to books or televisions in one night. They begin with people who will brag about their grandmothers cooking to all their friends and co-workers. Anyone can be a mastermind in the kitchen. The sky is the limit and no one can tell you that you are making something wrong.

Food brings people together, comforts their needs, makes them feel better about themselves, and no matter how many trips are made to the kitchen, food does not judge. There are many times in a person’s life that they will turn to food for its comfort or medicinal outcomes.

So no matter what may come in the way of a sunny day, whether it be a fallen snow cone, or a burnt meatloaf, there is always time to start over and fix the mistake. If not just throw it away and grab the bag of Doritos in the pantry. Add some cold sour cream and your ready to start start munching away!

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