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Come Hungry, Read and Be Happy

By: Josh Tartler

Help me! I need something now! This seems to happen way too often, and by often I mean about ten times a day. What is that something that I need? What could possibly help someone change their mood from any state to instantly joyful anytime it is around? This universal medicine is a cure all for everyone and anyone around the globe. It is near you when you attack the fridge like a hawk, only to open and shut it without actually making a decision. This amazing substance is food, the natural medicine and cure all for humans.

Food is magic. Food can transport you from starving to stuffed, in a mere matter of minutes. Food can taste good, terrible, or have no taste at all. It comes in so many varieties there would be no more trees left on Earth if I began to type the list and clicked print. What makes food so wonderful? It is the medicine for everyone. When something is edible, we start to think of it in a new way. We can place it in our mouth, swallow it, digest it, enjoy it and dispose of it --- no further details necessary. There is a food for everyone. All ages, shapes and sizes. Fast food, healthy food, dessert, or breakfast, food can adapt to what your every whim.

Food has a cable television station, 748,000,000 results when typed into Google, has an entire government bureaucracy devoted to it (FDA), offers choices for herbivores and carnivores, and most importantly, cannot be lived without. Food can be sourced from most any animal, if they are the unlucky ones. Food plays an important role in the survival of the fittest. Earth's ecosystems could not exist without food's medicine-like effects.

Food is universal, in that it is part of every culture. Each culture, however, adapts to make food their own. Food allows people worldwide to adapt and make their own medicine. This medicine, or food, is fixed according to individual taste. Medicines are created from leaves and herbs from the rain forests. Some people consider soup a food that you can eat when you are feeling sick. Food could be used directly as a medicine, but that’s not all. Food is medicine. It allows humans and every other animal on Earth to continue living. Nutrition gained from food allows for our bodies to grow, remain healthy, and continue to expand the population. This process will continue to allow humans to survive, as long as the medicine never runs out. Luckily for humans, the medicine can be grown in so many varieties that this scenario would be difficult to have happen.

So what are you waiting for? After reading about 500 words regarding food, you should be starving! Go get some food, be happy, and enjoy the medicine.

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