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Let food be my medicine, I just pray it doesn’t make me fat.

By: Jessica Thomas

I have always loved food. There is just something about that feeling you get when you put that savory bite into your mouth, I know I get excited. It all started when I was in junior high when I first experienced my true love of food. The excitement of learning something new, it was fabulous. Food to me, eventually became my way to escape the drama at home. There is nothing worse when you have to live your life in a world of drugs and alcohol. When your only parent has completely checked out. So for me, cooking was a way of distracting myself from the hurt my mom left on me.

Eventually, I took on the mom role of taking care of my brothers, cooking, cleaning, and picking them up from practice. Never did I imagine that this would be my life, as if it were out of some movie. I can say this, the minute I stepped into the kitchen to cook dinner I was totally separated from everything around me. I would imagine myself in my restaurant cooking inspiring and delicious food for my guest. Even if it was for brief moments in my teen years, it made me happy. I eventually went to the next level taking Home Economics in high school. Which some of my friends could never understand why I just had to take it twice when it was all the same. By then it became my passion. I was constantly watching the food channels when I was home trying to learn new recipes . I was lucky that as much as I loved food I haven’t become fat from it.

The truth for me wasn’t always about eating the food ,it was enjoying the creation that was sitting in front of me. Because no matter how much drama was going on in my household , the accomplishment was always there to make me feel better. I have been through a lot of things from being left on the side of the rode by my mother to being robbed. Unfortunately, I allowed these things to discourage me and that is why it took me so long to get further in my goal. I have always believed that food has been my drug in the best way. Going to the Art Institute will bring me back to when I was in junior high, and the great feeling I first felt when I was being taught to cook.

I will always believe that when you finally put that last ingredient on the plate there is a magical feeling. I believe by going to the Art Institute I will get a chance to feel that magic. I know that not every day in my life will be perfect, but at least I know that I when I cook I will have the enjoyment from something I’ve made. I completely agree with Hippocrates when he said, “Let food by thy medicine…”, because for me growing up, food was definitely my medicine. It gave me a sense of freedom and happiness that others tried to take away from me.

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