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BistroMD Launches Official Company Blog to Help People Achieve Successful Weight Loss

NAPLES, FL—August 2, 2011—BistroMD, the weight loss program that provides great tasting, nutritionally sound meals for a lighter, healthier you, is proud to announce the official launch of their new company blog:


“We are really excited about the launch of the official BistroMD blog,” says BistroMD’s founding physician, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. “Our new blog will give both clients and others the support they need to achieve long-term weight loss success.”

Recent studies conducted by California Polytechnic University reveal that people have a 15% higher chance of success on a diet if they are able to seek out professional advice from an online resource. This statistic had a significant impact on BistroMD’s blog design.

“As a leading national weight loss program, we designed our blog to be a valuable resource people can turn to for guidance,” says Ed Cederquist, President of BistroMD. “Our years of experience in providing medical and nutritional advice as well as helping people make sensible and satisfying food choices will make the BistroMD blog an important addition to the nationwide discussion on obesity and weight loss.

Below are some of the features people can look forward to on the new BistroMD blog:

1. Expert Advice

People will have the opportunity to get know the experts at BistroMD on a more personal level.

BistroMD’s founding physician, food and cuisine experts and executive chefs, dietitians, and fitness expert will author their own informative articles, keeping clients and others alike up-to-date on the most current health and wellness information as well as, healthy and delicious food choices.

2. Helpful and Inspirational Videos

The BistroMD blog will feature a variety of videos from all of our experts, including discussions on life-saving health topics, starring Dr. Cederquist herself.

The video library will feature specific health topics, ranging from menopause to healthy fitness and meal preparation tips.

3. Healthy Recipes and Cooking Ideas

“At BistroMD, we love food,” says Ed Cederquist, President of BistroMD and the leader of its cuisine team. “We have an entire team dedicated to creating an outstanding variety of delicious meals that can help people lose weight, but we don’t think of our meals as ‘diet food’ just ‘good food’”.

Many people who want to eat properly struggle to do so because of the time, effort, and expertise required to prepare it, which is why BistroMD offers home delivery of delicious meals.

“Through the blog, we will also offer the tools and advice needed for people at home to produce many of our signature dishes, as well as share our thoughts on what we believe to be the best ingredients and cooking methods to use whether or not you are trying to lose weight,” says Ed Cederquist.

4. Sharing the Success of Others

65% of people on a diet report that they love hearing weight loss success stories.

“Our success stories have always resonated well with our clients,” says Ed Cederquist. “Our program has changed the lives of many people, and we always love hearing their stories. This is why we have a section of our blog dedicated to sharing them.”

The BistroMD blog also provides easy access to all of the company’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

To view the official BistroMD blog, please visit:

About BistroMD:

BistroMD is the nation’s leading physician-designed, chef-prepared diet meal delivery company. Founded by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., one of several hundred medical doctors in the country board certified in the field of weight loss, Dr. Cederquist has been helping clients lose weight for over 15 years. Building upon her medical expertise and her nutritional knowledge of a balanced diet, BistroMD helps people achieve healthy weight loss through home-delivered meals that are healthy, delicious and convenient. For more information on BistroMD visit:

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