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BistroMD Launches Fun with Fitness Giveaway

BistroMD Launches Fun with Fitness GiveawayBistroMD Launches Fun with Fitness Giveaway

To make fitness more fun and easy to stick with, BistroMD is giving away great prizes and exclusive fitness gear through their Fun with Fitness Giveaway for the entire month of February.

The contest is running from now until the end of February. Any interested participants can enter the contest through BistroMD’s Facebook or Twitter page.

“With our Fun with Fitness Giveaway, we hope to inspire others to make that leap to exercise, by making fitness more fun and creative,” says Al Montone, a member of the BistroMD marketing team and the creator of the Fun with Fitness Giveaway. “In addition to great prizes, we will also offer exclusive tips from our fitness expert, Sean, about how to make fitness more enjoyable.”

The grand prize for the giveaway is a $500 gift card for an active wear makeover to the clothing store of your choice: Lululemon, The North Face, or REI. In addition to the grand prize, weekly and daily prizes will also be given away. Weekly prizes include a free week of BistroMD entrees, with one giveaway to one lucky winner each week. Daily prizes include a $25 gift card to Nike, Reebok, Adidas, or iTunes with one winner selected each day.

Participants can also increase their chances of winning by referring their friends. Multiple referrals count for multiple entries, so the more people you refer, the better your chances.

“One of the reasons why so many people don’t stick with an exercise program is because it can get boring,” says Al. “We hope that this giveaway will inspire people to exercise, and show them that fitness isn't torture, but a fun addition to any lifestyle change.”

To enter BistroMD's Fun with Fitness Giveaway, visit BistroMD’s Facebook and Twitter pages now!

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