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BistroMD is Changing the Way you Look at Dieting

Diet To Your Door Article

BistroMD, a home diet delivery program, was created by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. Faced with the challenge of making dieting easy and convenient, Dr. Cederquist surveyed the available meal choices for her own patients, and she found the options severely wanting. Most pre-packaged meals available for license were nutritionally insufficient, and frankly, pretty unappetizing. Dr. Cederquist decided to start from scratch, and BistroMD was born.

With her team of nutritionists and award-winning chefs, Dr. Cederquist researched and developed the complete menus you'll enjoy in your BistroMD program. Prepared from the finest raw ingredients according to unique, original recipes, these delicious, high-quality meals are unparalleled for quality and value. In fact, they're just what the doctor ordered, and in this case, just what the doctor created!

Our Program features a four-week rotating menu plan with over 100 unique meal selections. All meals and snacks are prepared by our team of world-class chefs following Dr. Cederquist's strict nutritional guidelines. While a member of BistroMD’s program, you will enjoy meals such as top sirloin, delicious salmon, and mouth watering stuffed chicken.

In addition to your gourmet meals, each week you'll receive an extensive information package with steps to help you lose weight and maintain the weight you want. What's more, a wide selection of articles approved by Dr. Cederquist is always available on our website. It's just one of the ways we help you learn more about a healthy lifestyle.

You will also receive free unlimited access to our team of dieticians. Most other plans expect you to understand what's happening with your body. But with BistroMD, you'll enjoy unparalleled access to our team of dieticians. They're available seven days a week, and we encourage you to contact them to learn more about what you can do to achieve, and maintain, your weight loss goals. BistroMD features a comprehensive program that will jump start your weight loss success!

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