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Diet Food Delivered

Diet Food Delivered

Let's face it. A lot of people find it too difficult to get to the store and prepare a healthy home cooked meal.

That's why BistroMD delivers diet food straight to your home or office! Millions of Americans need help with eating healthy and losing weight, and that help has finally arrived. 

With BistroMD, you'll be eating foods you love without having to leave your home. None of our meals are freeze dried and each contains only the freshest ingredients.

Want more? BistroMD provides meal programs to meet the nutritional needs of patients living with diabetes and other food-related illnesses.  No matter what your need, we've got you covered.

Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., founder of BistroMD, acknowledged a need for healthy choices not present in the market. She teamed up with world famous chefs to design meals with fresh delicious ingredients. With the help of her first class chefs she was able to design well-balanced meals, consisting of diet foods, delivered right to your home.

With today's busy lifestyle, it is incredibly hard to stick to a diet. Usually we are way too busy to plan what we are having for dinner, or even breakfast, for more than one day at a time. BistroMD takes all the work out of planning healthy meals that will help you lose the weight you desire. Our unique meal delivery programs will increase your chances of success in losing weight, because we offer such a wide variety of meal plan options. Clients rarely receive the same meal twice. We have designed a variety of meal plans so that you can have a say in what your diet will entail. No more force feeding.

If plump, juicy fruits, delicious bagels, juicy meats, and sweet snacks sounds like the thing for you, then give our diet meal plans a try. You can explore different plans every week. We also have weekly specials to keep your stomach and your pocket full. None of our meals are ever freeze dried so you get the freshest food we can offer.

The direct-to-your-door meals are now color coded to help make things even easier for you. We have six different diet menus with all sorts of great food, and each can be customized to meet your taste. Our meals come are available in 7 and 5 day plans. We maintain a list of suitable substitutions so you can keep your caloric intake the same without getting bored of eating the same things every week.

Once on one of our meal plans, you will begin receiving weekly deliveries of our meals, packed in coolers with dry ice. This ensures that your meals are as fresh wYouhen the arrive at your door as they were when they left our kitchen. You simply won't be able to find a frozen meal as fresh, or as tasty, at your local grocery store. Our meals are so delicious, you will have a hard time believing you are losing weight. With BistroMD, it is easy to stick with your diet.

If you want great diet food delivered right to your door, then give BistroMD a try. We have the best food to help keep you on your diet. BistroMD's delicious meals will be easy to enjoy, especially compared to store-bought diet meals. Our portions are the perfect size to help you maintain a healthy weight. Dr. Cederquist and our chefs are dedicated to bringing you the most enjoyable dieting experience possible. We believe you will love our food as much as you love watching the number on the scale drop!

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