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Better Health

By: Billy Gatewood

Medicine and its practices have come a long way in pursuit of an overall better way of life and health. Through science and its many trial and errors, the ever evolving knowledge of medicine is not without what was first taken in by us all, food.

Through history, books, television and even movies we have seen the embrace of food and its effects on all facets of life.

Kings feasting at large banquets would share food and wine to celebrate his kingdom, riches, and sometimes to raise morale the day before a long enduring battle. We see world leaders come together over coffee and delicate pastries to lessen tensions and set a mood of ease bringing down walls of discomfort so they may discuss matters not so easily spoken about. Our daughters, even still today, have tea parties dressed in their best dresses, shoes and jewelry to bring her mother or father to meet Mr. Teddy and friends.

In our country obesity is becoming an even more pressing issue every day. Though for some the answer is medication or surgery, we can’t help but think maybe we overlooked or need to revisit “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE”. Hippocrates quoted this a very long time ago, we all know him to be the father of medicine. We have learned a lot from his teachings from so very long ago, and they still have a place in our time. LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE can mean with the proper intake of foods; we can overcome, or lessen the effects of personal medical obstacles including complex illnesses and some diseases. Maybe the root to good health is good eats. Not only does the right diet or just the simple coming together to enjoy food have a great benefit on our physical health, it has an even greater benefit to our overall mental health.

Nutrition feeds our body as food feeds our very soul. The time we share over a Christmas dinner with family and friends. Children helping to make cupcakes for a school party and desserts in the kitchen with their parents eagerly wait to lick the spoon. The unforgettable and still lingering smell of our parents or grandparents kitchen as the masterfully mix, measure, and blend a wonderful aroma of seasoning and spices. Or to some that long, lonely night watching your favorite romance movie with your eyes swelling from the tears and the only comfort you have is that quart of ice cream and huge spoon.

Food warms us from outside in and inside out. It opens our imaginations, and instills a desire in us to create, not only a harmony of taste and smells, but memories we leave with our loved ones that stands the test of time.

Food is my medicine. And the food I share with my children today will be what they turn to for comfort and healing when I’m gone. Passed on from generation to generation, I will be remembered through the foods we share and create today.

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