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Best Diet Food

Best Diet Food

Let's face the facts. When you see something that says "diet," you cringe. You never know the quality or taste of what you are about to purchase or if it is really diet food.

Usually, with these meals, you just toss them away and choose a tastier option, which probably isn't the healthiest choice.

With BistroMD, you don't have to force yourself to eat your diet food. BistroMD has expert chefs that make every meal for you. Our chefs use only the finest and freshes ingredients, delivering the best diet food right to your door!

Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., BistroMD's founding physician, our dietitians, and our top-notch chefs have spend countless hours developing healthy menus that taste great, and help you lose weight!

Our food is freshly frozen on dry ice, and is never "freeze-dried." We have the best diet food to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

With BistroMD, you can find the meal plan that is right for you at a price that is just as excellent as our food. Our meals not only taste good, but they offer you a real-world solution to healthy weight loss that fits right into your busy life schedule. Simply heat, eat, and enjoy!

Each meal is designed by Dr. Cederquist to contain the right balance of nutrients that are suitable for healthy and effective weight loss. Dr. Cederquist and our top dietitians design these meals from scratch, and are prepared by our expert chefs to create gourmet meals that make it easy to diet.

When you eat BistroMD meals, you won't feel like you are eating diet food. We bring our experts into your kitchen to create a diet experience that is unlike any other out there!

Dr. Cederquist and our team of experts are changing the diet food industry into a new age of eating great, while losing weight. The innovation and creativity of healthy and delicious meals delivered right to the home, has helped BistroMD become the number one physician-designed, chef prepared diet food company in the nation.

If you are looking for a great, delicious, diet experience, then look no further. BistroMD gives you what you want and delivers it straight to your door. No prepping, no counting, and no cleaning. That's what makes the BistroMD experience truly unique.

To learn more about BistroMD, call: (866) 401-DIET, or visit our new menu to see what our chefs can ship to your door!

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