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Are You Ready to Choose Health?

Are You Ready to Choose Health

There are challenges out there that will only inspire you to do one thing: win a grand prize. Sure, grand prizes are nice, but what do they really do for you? Do they do things like, help you live longer or help you achieve weight loss success? Usually not.

With cases of obesity at their highest in over 20 years, many Americans feel like living a healthy lifestyle is hopeless. Motivation is scarce, simply because most of us lack the push we need to maintain healthy habits on our own. Making the right choices that will enable you to live a better lifestyle can also be confusing.

As one of the nation’s leading weight loss programs, our goal is to help you achieve a lighter, healthier you, and to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. BistroMD is all about helping you “choose health” and showing you the right ways to do it.

In order to inspire yourself, and others alike to live a better life, BistroMD is bringing you the Choose Health Challenge. To have the very first access to the Challenge, go ahead and join BistroMD's Facebook page by clicking here. To see a complete list of contest rules, please click here.

“We hope to inspire many people with the Choose Health Challenge,” says Al Montone, a member of the BistroMD marketing department. “With this challenge, our goal is to give something more for people to strive for other than a grand prize. Even though there will be a few prizes along the way, our ultimate goal is to enable others to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.”

Choose Health Prizes

The overall themes of the BistroMD, Choose Health Challenge are: 1. Eat Right, 2. Think Right, 3. Move Right. Each week, BistroMD will post various prompts and challenges on their social media pages that will inspire clients and others alike to eat right, think right, and move right.

“All of our experts will be participating in the challenge,” says Al. “Our fitness expert, Sean, will be showing people how to ‘move right’ while our dietitians will be providing helpful tips on how to ‘eat right.’”

Not only will our experts inspire you to choose health, but a very special member of BistroMD will be actively participating in the Challenge.

“During this challenge, people will get to meet BistroMD’s 'Chief Foodie’ for the first time,” says Al. “We will reveal his significant role when it comes to creating meals for BistroMD. We will highlight his travels across the globe for cuisine inspiration, as well as how he works with our chefs and dietitians to create the magical combination that makes BistroMD meals both healthy and delicious. We are really excited about introducing BistroMD’s 'Chief Foodie' to our clients and to our fans.”

Whether it's learning to eat better, or kicking the habit of smoking or drinking too much soda, BistroMD’s Choose Health Challenge hopes to change the lives of thousands, through inspiration and motivation to change.

“We are very excited about the Choose Health Challenge as it will continue to extend our reach of our social media efforts as a resource that allows our customers to interact with other people who are on the program,” says Al. “This support system helps many people on their weight loss journey. The Choose Health Challenge will take this dialogue to another level, as we are actively engaging people to challenge themselves, and share it with others to see.”

To participate in the Choose Health Challenge become a fan of BistroMD on Facebook, and "like" our page today by clicking here.

To see a complete list of challenge rules, please click here.

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