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Are Compulsive Eating Habits Just Another Part of Teenage Life?

Compulsive Eating Habits

Teenagers. We’re always going, going, going. We go to school, play sports, and are involved in extra circular activities. We like to maintain a social life, and some of us even work. At the end of these jam-packed days we struggle to find time to study. The next day we repeat the cycle all over again. Food keeps us going, right? So what do we eat during the day you ask?

We take snacks on the go, drive into the most convenient, and cheapest, fast food places to grab a quick meal, and then stay up late drinking coffee and loading up on empty calories. All to try and stay awake while studying. We seem to consume anything that is in front of us. We’re teenagers, and we’re hungry victims of eating compulsively! It’s quite a process for our bodies, and sadly I’ll admit I’m okay with this lifestyle.

Should I be okay with this cycle day to day? No. When I’m older, if I keep up these eating habits I’ll have a high cholesterol and diabetes. But why I’m so okay with this lifestyle is because I’ve always done it! It’s compulsive. I go to school, grab a snack from the vending machine, eat a greasy lunch, go to volleyball after school, make a huge bowl of mac and cheese, go to work, drink a lot of soda, and then spend the rest of the night studying with a bag of chips and some cold pizza. Bad habits are hard to break, but I think it’s about time I do something about my diet. It’s time to teach this not-so-old dog some new tricks.

When breaking these compulsive eating habits, I suggest we take baby steps. Instead of the cookies I get daily from the vending machine at school, I’ll start getting an apple, or hopefully just cut it out of my diet all together! At lunch, I can start eating better by brining my own lunch. Not only will this put more money back into my pocket, it will also provide me with a better lunch. I’ll make a turkey and cheese on wheat bread sandwich, maybe put in a cheese stick and some strawberries to top it off. That sounds a lot better than the big-name national brand pizza, that if you turn sideways you can see the grease drizzle off the side.

After volleyball practice, I can still eat my mac and cheese, because it’s my favorite, but I’ll try and portion it better, and maybe add some peas so I get some time of veggies before I go to work. Then after work, instead of loading up on caffeine and chips all night, I’ll eat a peanut butter sandwich and some rice cakes to keep me going while I’m studying.

I believe that these little changes in my diet will break my compulsive eating habits. All my life I’ve had such a busy schedule, and the food that I put into my body at such a young age will most likely be the same trend of food that I’d continue to put into my body as I get older. This meal plan I’ve devised is something I believe will work for me. If I limit myself now, it will benefit me later on in life when I’m older.

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