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A Friend Suffers from Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Skinny is the new black - a common thought of many young and middle aged people in today’s day and age. Emotional eating is now a common problem in the lives of many people, creating eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits.

I grew up In a “normal” neighborhood and hung out with some of the girls down the street. Everything was pretty regular until we got to our freshman year of high school. The pressures of being popular and pretty became very important to one of my good friends, and she began to hide the pain of being teased and tormented with food. No one could really tell that she had a problem because she would try to hide it from everyone around her. She was masking her feelings with food rather than asking for advice or help.

Within a few months of her binge eating she became bulimic. I remember watching her eat until she couldn’t eat anymore, still fulfilling her emotions with food, only to rid herself of all the hurt and damage she just had put into her body. When she was sad, she’d eat chocolate. When she was happy she chose pizza or other non-junk foods. Little did she know she was hurting her body in more ways she could see. Her teeth, organs and stomach were all deteriorating, but the thing that was most affected was her metal state. Everything she ate or did was a constant detriment to her internal structure and it was breaking her down from the inside out.

It wasn’t until she was hospitalized for heart problems that she decided to look at the big picture. Once she recovered, she started to attend therapy classes for eating disorders and emotional eating. The program helped her tremendously but every day was still a struggle for her to push herself past the emotions of wanting to eat to hide her feelings.

Today she lives a pretty normal life, putting her past behind her and being open and honest about her feelings and emotions. Emotional eating doesn’t only affect your emotional stability but also deteriorates your body, bit by bit. Emotional eating can’t heal your feelings and can run down your body. On the flip side, a healthy diet can help you in more ways than one.

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