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Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

I have a friend who has been overweight all of her life. As a result, she has probably tried every fad diet that is available. If you have heard of it, she has most likely tried it, at least for a few days. No matter how much energy should puts into her efforts, however, she either does not lose any weight or whatever weight loss she experiences comes back on relatively quickly.

The problem with many of the gimmicky diets is that they are only about quick-fix weight loss and not a real solution to permanent weight loss. They often focus on eliminating a certain food type (like carbohydrates) or limiting yourself to a certain type of food (like grapefruit). When you go back to eating "regular" food, and you will have to because you cannot live your entire life on grapefruit alone, all the weight that you have loss often returns. It may even bring more weight along with it.

I explained to my friend that the only real way for her to lose weight and to keep it off is with natural weight loss. What I mean by natural weight loss is the very simple process of consuming fewer calories than you burn. You need to determine first how many calories you burn just going through your day. Then add to that how many calories you burn through exercise. The key to losing weight naturally is to eat fewer calories than that number.

Natural weight loss is not flashy and it will not drop the pounds off you instantly, the way surgery or pills might. However, the key word is "natural." You are not putting anything that could be potentially harmful into your body and you are not altering the make-up of your body for weight loss.

With natural weight loss, you are just being yourself and eating like human beings are meant to eat: for fuel. You need to have energy to go about your daily activities, but there is no reason why you need to eat excessively. You only need to eat enough calories to fuel your body.

If you want to experience what natural weight loss is like, but don't know the first thing about cooking healthy, natural foods, you may want to join a service like BistroMD. They can deliver to your door healthy, low calorie meals that will make natural weight loss easy for you. They have set caloric levels so that all you need to do is eat all of the food that they give you for each day. You don't have to worry about counting calories or worrying about fat grams. All of this work has been done for you.

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