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How You Can Reduce the Causes of Aging

How You Can Reduce the Causes of Aging

Everyone loves getting older, right? Well, a recent poll conducted by USA Today reveals that people (65 and younger), are not looking forward to getting older, and are legitimately concerned about their quality of life.

“The problem with aging is that most people feel they won’t be able to enjoy life as much as they could,” says Christy Shatlock, MS/RD, and one of the lead dietitians for BistroMD. “There are so many negative stereotypes in society today about aging that people become fearful just talking about it.”

Age is nothing but a number, and experts say that’s a great way to look at it. When it comes down to it, one of the major factors contributed to feeling young again is defined by our attitude toward the subject.

“Aging should not be viewed in a negative way,” says Christy. “People have the ability to defy their age on the inside and out; it just takes the right kind of approach.”

If you are fearful of growing older, don’t sweat it. Our expert is revealing ways to reduce the causes of aging, and revealing how to feel better about yourself as you continue to climb the ladder of getting older.

Be Realistic When It Comes to Your Attitude

Honestly, if you are over the age of 40, you really don’t want to be 21 again: you just want to feel that way.

The energetic attitude, the efficient metabolism; these were the good ‘ol days that fueled your eagerness to live life.

“Many people relate being healthy to their 20’s,” says Christy. “This is great, but people need to change their attitude when it comes to their vision of a ‘healthy’ age. On the contrary, you can live healthy and feel energetic in just about every decade.”

Little things like music can give you the right kind of attitude. Think back to a time when you were in your prime: what were some of your favorite songs? What got you out of bed in the morning? Little influencers like this can definitely make you feel younger on the inside.

Also, reflect on some of the hobbies you did when you were younger that were healthy. Did you exercise more? Socialize with friends? This can also have an impact on your attitude towards aging.

“One of the best things people can do to feel younger on the inside is to forget the stereotype that you have to neglect the ‘social’ aspect of your life as you age,” says Christy. “Just an evening out with friends can make you feel younger, and can help you change your attitude toward aging."

Hit the Hay Early, and Eat Rejuvenating Food

Getting eight hours of sleep every night is a simple and effective way to help you feel younger. An efficient sleep schedule in combination with a diet of rejuvenating food can make the aging process easier.

“Just by turning in a little earlier to make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep can make you feel younger than you actually are,” says Christy. “Eating the right kinds of food during the day will also help you get better sleep, while boosting your energy levels during the day.”

To help you feel younger, load up on the healthy stuff at meal times. Build your plate with a fruit or vegetable to start, and wash down each meal with a tall glass of water.

“Fruits and vegetables are filled with energy-enhancing antioxidants,” says Christy. “They are also great at rehabilitating your metabolism.”

Don’t always skip out on indulgence, though. Enjoy an ice cream cone, or bite into your favorite piece of cake every once in a while—it’s an easy way to feel like a kid again.

Be a Little Vain, and Switch Things Up

“What most people don’t realize is that the brain craves change,” says Christy. “This is why more mundane, inactive people don’t have the desire to try anything new—their brains haven’t been stimulated by any change, and they haven’t done anything for themselves in a while.”

Forget the familiar negative undertones and don't be afraid to be vain—it will only make you feel younger. If you have a few personal days saved up from work, take one for yourself. Go get a manicure, go to a spa, get a massage—these things will help you feel younger and more rejuvenated.

“Taking time for yourself can do wonders for your health,” says Christy. “Relaxing and feeling good about yourself tells your brain, ‘okay, let’s keep this train going’ which is vital for living a healthier lifestyle.”

To stimulate the excitement of your brain, make little changes and adjustments in your daily life.

“Instead of going to the same place to get your morning java, switch it up and go somewhere different,” says Christy. “You can also make small changes to your workout that will have a significant impact on how you feel about your age. Instead of running, rent a kayak and go with a friend. Instead of your typical jogging route, research different parks or natural preserves in your area for a change of scenery.”

These little changes will make another day in the aging process a little more pleasant.

Focus on the Positives. Diminish the Negatives

At times, it can be hard to forget about the negatives that come with the causes of aging, but focusing on the positive aspects in your life can dramatically help.

“Instead of feeling sad at an older age, think about things in your life that are that much better because of it,” says Christy. “Think about your career, your marriage, your house, and your children; all things you didn’t have when you were younger, but have come your way as you have gotten older.”

Also, don’t have a negative attitude toward your changing physical appearance. Instead, focus on your best features; realize that if you really want to combat the physical changes that come with aging, you can always do something about it.

“If the thought of wrinkles, and gray hair doesn’t sound appealing, don’t forget that you can always make changes to correct these issues,” says Christy. “If you want to feel as young as you look, though, that comes from the inside and has a lot to do with your attitude, and how you choose to live your live. Eating right, and feeling good about yourself are the best methods for coping with the aging process.”

For more expert advice from BistroMD’s team of experts, visit our healthy facts section for more information.

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