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Heart Attack Symptoms in Women: Decrease Your Risk by 90 Percent

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women: Decrease Your Risk by 90 Percent

When it comes to health, we have heard many people tell us for many, many years that being healthy is all about mind over matter. We all know it takes special mental discipline to avoid the chocolate chip cookie sitting on the counter, or turning down a piece of a relative’s famous “death by chocolate” cake. This mental discipline works for weight loss, but what about other, more serious, medical conditions? Like, heart health? What daily practices can women adopt to decrease their heart attack symptoms?

Before we learn how to treat heart attack symptoms in women, we must first determine what major factors contribute to an increase in heart attacks for women.

In a recent study, researchers from Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital studied more than 17,000 women in their 50’s, for a period of about ten years. 88% of these women had about a 90% higher chance of getting a heart attack then the rest of the women in the study group. Why? Most of these women complained of work-related stress.

Work that Weighs Down Your Heart Health…Literally.

Heart attack symptoms increase dramatically in women who have very stressful jobs. It was also concluded by researchers that these women also had a 40% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Most of these “working women” also developed poor eating habits because of their hectic schedules. A healthy diet is important when decreasing your heart attack risk, but practicing the principles of developing a less stressful mentality can actually decrease your risk of a heart attack by 90%!!

At the office, your desk may be piled with deadline-ridden papers, and your boss may be nagging at you about your work load, but there are ways you can still keep your sanity and your health in check.

Practicing the Right Mental Principles

When you engage in the right kind of mental relaxation techniques, your brain actually shows an increase in white brain matter. (White brain matter is part of the brain that helps regulate your emotions and stress levels.)

One practice that you can start putting into your daily schedule is IBMT. IBMT, or Integrative Body-Mind Training, is the mental practice of maintaining a state of level alertness while a trained coach helps you develop breathing and mental imagery techniques.

By mastering this kind of technique, studies have shown that heart attack symptoms in women can decrease by 90%. This is also a great way to lower your stress levels and to better your health without making an expensive trip to the doctor’s office, or filling your medicine cabinet with prescription drugs.

Get a Jump Start at Home

To get a jump start on your IBMT, you can start practicing core relaxation techniques in your own home.

Just by implementing some of these core strategies for 20 minutes a day, for five days in a row, you will begin to experience decreased levels of stress, and increased levels of energy.

To start reducing your heart attack risk, sit quietly in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Think of your mind as a cup full of thoughts that come and go….

Keep returning to an image of the cup becoming empty, and repeat this for five minutes.

By just doing this simple exercise, women can reduce their stress hormone levels by 66%, which can be a major influence on heart health.

Mind over matter is the key when it comes to reducing heart attack symptoms in women, but in combination with the right diet and by implementing these strategies, you can be on your way to decreasing your heart attack symptoms in no time.

BistroMD can also help you decrease your risk of a heart attack by delivering delicious physician-designed, chef-prepared meals right to your door.

To see how BistroMD can help you decrease your risk of heart attack, read more information by visiting our healthy facts section.

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