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Emotional Eating: It’s Not Just For Women

Emotional Eating: It’s Not Just For Women

One would think that emotional eating would only be seen in women… but men suffer from this condition as well. There are many causes for why people go through this eating frenzy that seems to have no end.

The number one cause is the stress someone holds, and it seems there is no escape from the following emotional binge. Everyone has problems at work, school, and with family. Instead reacting by picking up that piece of chocolate cake, one can take a relaxing walk around a park and totally rid of any emotion of that moment. One isn’t only kicking the desire to eat cake, but also starting a new way of life by exercising.

Emotional eating is seen widely in teenagers. They see themselves as not fitting in, or not having someone to relate to. Their last option is often food. As seen in the MTV show “I used to be Fat,” one teen had the opportunity to walk into these teenagers’ lives and experience how they felt comfort with whatever they were dealing with. The cause of their emotional eating led them to gain excessive weight to a point where they weren’t healthy anymore.

Throughout the show the trainers show these teenagers how to deal with the emotions in a healthy way. Here are a few ways to know if you are suffering from emotional eating:

Eating when you are upset, or when you get in argument with one of your family members.

You eat after you’ve already eaten.

You feel guilty after you eat.

You hide the food and eat it later.

You eat in strange places.

If these traits apply to you, you might be an emotional eater.

There are no worries though, the first step, as they say, is admitting that you have an eating problem, and finding a way to “fix it.” In many situations it’s not how much you eat but what you eat, eating fruits, vegetables, healthier portions little things like grilling the food instead of putting in a greasy pan; doing exercise, regularly running, jogging, walking, and swimming. There are many ways of maintaining the weight off and becoming a healthier person where turning to food isn’t the only option when dealing with all the stress brings.

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