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Losing Baby Weight: bistroMD Style

Losing Baby Weight: bistroMD Style

They say you never really know what love is until you have a child. Motherhood is an exciting time in a woman’s life. From the moment you know that you are expecting, everything will start to change. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you have a brand new person growing inside of you that you created and that you are responsible for.

Losing baby weight is the furthest thing from a new mothers mind. All you’ll want to do is spend time with your little angel. But a little ways down the road, once you have had time to adjust to having a new person in your life, you’ll start thinking about losing baby weight.

The pressure put on new mothers to jump back into their old bodies is unreal. Celebrities like JLo, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow made losing baby weight seem so simple, but the fact is—it’s not. But it’s not impossible either.

With the responsibility of a new child, when is there even time to start losing baby weight?

Losing weight is a difficult task for anyone, but it is possible.

Some of the best ways to lose baby weight is to work out with your baby!            

Invest in a stroller:

Seriously! It may seem a bit silly to you now, but you’ll definitely be happy that you got one. Walking is great exercise and it becomes even more pleasurable when you get to do it with your baby. The sunlight, fresh air and cool breeze should help put both of your minds at ease.

For lasting results, make it a daily routine. You’ll be burning calories, on your way to losing baby weight and your daily walks will become your special time with your new baby. It couldn’t get much better than that.

Front baby carriers:

Ever seen one of those front baby carriers? They’re perfect for supporting your baby while you’re walking around the house or even while you’re trying to squeeze in a leg workout. You’ll be supporting your baby’s weight, which can be a work out in itself, and you’ll have your hands free.

When your baby is sleeping:

When your baby starts to drift away, you can do an at home work-out video. It’s the perfect time is squeeze in a 30 minute cardio workout. Buy a couple of workout DVD’s, turn the volume down low and sweat it out. Even if you are exhausted, you’ll feel better after a workout because you’re losing that baby weight!

There are so many ways for you to fit in exercise with a new baby in your life.

Get creative:

As long as you feel comfortable, there are no limitations on what you can do. Celebrate and revel in the fact that your body was capable and strong enough to grow and deliver a beautiful, healthy baby. If you can make it through child birth, you can lose the baby weight before she learns how to talk—you just might have to get a little creative and find what works for you!

Eat healthy

Even if you exercise every day, you’ll never get anywhere without a proper diet. It can be tough for new moms to find time to go to the grocery store, nonetheless cook healthy meals.

If you’re looking for something fast and convenient without the hassle of going to the grocery store, bistroMD offers a diet delivery program that can help you drop that baby weight and get back into a healthy lifestyle. We cook with the freshest ingredients and have over 200 recipes and a customizable menu so you’re sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

It only takes a few weeks to see results, too!

We have a men and a women’s program with the option to receive five-or-seven-days’ worth of healthy meals delivered to your door. The seven day option comes with the My Night feature, your one night a week to just kick back and relax.

The two programs range from $130-$160 and EATS, our essential and tasty snacks are just $1.50 per snack. Women receive two snacks per day and men receive three snacks per day.

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