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Keeping Your Middle Age Weight Gain Under Control

Keeping Your Middle Age Weight Gain Under Control

Just like Don Quixote screaming at windmills, keeping your middle age weight gain at bay can be a futile gesture, unless you happen to be blessed with a very unique metabolism. Despite your best efforts, you will likely gain at least a few pounds as you age, but that doesn’t mean you should throw up your hands and go on an all cheesecake diet. Here is an essential Q&A you can follow for when you begin to pack on those middle aged pounds.

What is the root cause of middle age weight gain?

Middle age is a convergence of several factors that all happen to take effect at approximately the same time. First, most people experience a significant slow down in their metabolism, which means that the same calories you have always taken in are suddenly too much. As you age, you exercise less so you are falling behind in that area, too, and you often experience more stress as you age, so you have to fight that fight, as well. The final death knell is the fact that as we age, we tend to overeat more and eat more things that we shouldn’t.

Is there any way to avoid taking on middle age weight gain?

The biggest part of avoiding this middle age weight gain is realizing it is happening and then identifying the causes. Try and take a three pronged approach, starting with identifying and dealing with the causes of stress in your life. Once you can identify what is stressing you out, you need to be able to take care of it so you can begin functioning normally again.

The next part is identifying the unhealthy eating patterns you are falling into. Are you eating more fast food because you are overworked and stressed out? That’s obviously a problem. We all know how to eat right, we’ve been hearing the same formula since we were in elementary school, it is all about self discipline and execution. A diet rich in lean meats, fruits, vegetables and fiber will lessen the impact of any middle age weight gain. Now, you just have to go out and make it happen.

You also need to try to make time for more exercise, and that is all a part of attacking the amount of stress you have. With less stress you can eat better and better manage your time which gives you time to exercise. The three areas are all interrelated.

What to do about expectations?

It isn’t realistic for a 45 year old man to expect himself to get back down to his weight at 18, so instead of looking at what the scale is saying, focus on the amount of body fat you have, instead. Keeping your body fat percentage between 20-23 percent for a man over 40 is excellent. On the women’s side, try to achieve numbers like 24-26%. If those numbers don’t translate into a reading on the scale that you like, it may be time to reconsider what is “acceptable” for you.

I seem to be doing everything right but I’m not getting anywhere, what’s going on?

It could be that you aren’t eating as healthy as you think you are. Look at the fats you are taking in every day. Are they saturated or unsaturated? How many calories are you eating per day? Try going from three square meals per day and having five smaller meals instead. You also want to watch the time in which you are eating. You want to eat more meals but you also want to reduce the lateness in which you eat. If you must eat late, have something very small.

The other problem you are having could be the exercises you are choosing. If you are doing the same five exercises today that you have done forever, your body can become less responsive. Mix up your routine and aim for a different muscle group or try building muscle, instead.

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