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Weight Loss

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Calcium and Vitamin D May Increase Weight Loss

Calcium and Vitamin D May Increase Weight Loss

A small study suggests that increased calcium and vitamin D intake may aide in weight loss effort. 63 overweight women were studied to compare the effects of a 15-week low-calorie diet combined with either a placebo or a calcium-plus-vitamin D supplement.

Researchers reported a significant change in body fat found in women who reported very low calcium intake prior to the study. After following the 4-month program which involved taking 600 mg of calcium and 5 mg of vitamin D before breakfast and lunch, supplement users who were low-calcium consumers lost 13 pounds compared to 3 pounds in the placebo group. In addition, the same group consumed significantly less fat at a buffet-style meal.

No significant weight loss was reported in women who reported 800 mg of calcium intake prior to the study. The correlation between weight loss and calcium may be significant, or it also may indicate that weight loss is easier for women with no significant vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Research suggests that weight loss in women who are not already consuming proper amounts of calcium may be aided by a calcium-specific appetite control mechanism.

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Major GC, Alaire FP, Dore J, Tremblay A. Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation and fat loss in female very low calcium consumers: Potential link with a calcium-specific appetite control. Br J Nutr. 2009;101;659-663.

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