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Weight Loss

From the effects of the hormone cortisol to the role of genetics in weight loss, this category is packed with everything that you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.

8 Tricks to Lose Weight Without Dieting

8 Tricks to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If dieting scares you, you'll be comforted to know that you can lose weight without dieting.

Here are 8 tricks to lose weight without dieting:

Tip 1: Eat breakfast every day—many people think that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight without dieting, but that’s actually not the case. Skipping breakfast will make you ravenously hungry later on, causing your body to crave high-calorie junk food. Studies show that people who eat breakfast have lower BMI’s (Body Mass Index) than those who skip breakfast. They also perform throughout the day.

Tip 2: Shut down your kitchen every night—pick a time to stop eating every night so you won’t give in to late night cravings or mindless indulgence while you’re watching T.V. If you want something sweet after dinner, try a juicy grapefruit or a light bowl of ice cream; but make sure you brush your teeth right after you're done. If you knock that annoying bed time ritual out of the way, chances are you won’t want to do it all over again so you’ll be more likely to lay off the late night munchies and lose weight without dieting that way.

Tip 3: Drink lots of water—Sweetened drinks pile on the calories, but don’t reduce hunger so it’s a good idea to stay away from them. If you MUST have juice, try a low-calorie vegetable juice to tide you over. Otherwise, water is going to be your best bet.

Tip 4: Eat more produce—Pile on the vegetables. The more color you have on your plate, the better. Here’s a tip: stock your kitchen with plenty of fruits and vegetables so you always have options available if you want to make a healthy soup or salad.

Tip 5: Go for the grain—Avoid refined grains like the white bread, white cake, cookies and pretzels and try whole grains like whole-wheat breads and pastas, brown rice, bran flakes, popcorn and whole-rye crackers.

Tip 6: Take control over your environment—You can lose weight without dieting by stocking your kitchen with healthy options and choosing healthy entrees from restaurants when you’re out to eat. Don’t overindulge at parties either. Eat a healthy snack beforehand and make smart choices while filling up your plate.  Before going back for more food, wait at least 15 minutes and have a big glass of water.

Tip 7: Watch your portions—If you did nothing else but reduce your portions by 10%-20%, you would lose weight. Pull out the measuring cups to get a handle on your usual portion sizes and work on paring them down.  Get instant portion control by using small bowls, plates and cups. Don’t worry about feeling deprived. Use this as an opportunity to get reacquainted with fruits and vegetables you may have been neglecting.

Tip 8: Always have protein around—Adding a source of lean or low-fat protein to each meal and snack will help you feel fuller longer so you're less likely to overeat and gorge on junk food for that quick fix when you're hungry. Try low-fat yogurt, a small portion of nuts, peanut butter, eggs, beans or lean meats.

You could also try a meal delivery program.

You could try one of our meal delivery programs and lose weight without dieting that way as well.

We think of ourselves as a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. A diet usually means suffering from restrictive portions, annoying calorie control and limited food options. However, we don’t believe in any of that.

We give you properly portioned, chef-designed entrees with these nutritional components: 1,100-1,400 calories daily with 40-50% total caloric intake from lean, adequate protein, 20-25% of calories from healthy fats, and 30-35% from complex carbohydrates.

With over 200 delicious recipes, you’ll have no problem finding something delicious to enjoy from our menu.

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