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When Dr. Phil Calls, BistroMD Answers

For years now, Dr. Phil has called on the nutritional meals provided by BistroMD to assist some of his guests that are dealing with extreme cases of weight loss and nutritional depletion. Here are just a few of the cases where Dr. Phil has called, and BistroMD has answered:

Extreme Weight Case

BistroMD Helps Dr. Phil in Extreme Weight Case
With a case of extreme weight slowly killing a man, Dr. Phil called on our expert Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., with hopes that her expertise, and the meal plans she developed with BistroMD, could help a man who desperately needed to lose weight. At the age of 44, Kevin weighed a staggering 715 pounds, and his health was in great jeopardy. Due to his extreme weight, Kevin was rejected for several surgical weight loss procedures because his diabetes put him at too high a risk for complications during the operation.

Kevin sank into a pit of despair and began eating more and more, seeking comfort rather than nutrition.

After analyzing his intake logs, Dr. Cederquist was shocked at Kevin’s food and insulin consumption. She discovered that he was eating more than 4,000 calories a day, which was mostly junk food, and injecting more than 600mg of insulin to control his blood sugar. This is a massive amount of insulin. Dr. Cederquist determined that his Kevin’s metabolic abnormality, combined with his poor diet, had led to a situation where his body cells were actually starving. According to Dr. Cederquist, a starving organism will resist weight loss even if it is carrying 500 pounds of excess body fat, which is what was happening in Kevin's case.

With the assistance of Dr. Phil, and under the supervision of Dr. Cederquist, BistroMD developed a specific diet for Kevin that worked around his practical and metabolic problems. The meals were portion-controlled and were designed to preserve lean muscle tissue as Kevin shed body fat. Since the meals were so low in their glycemic load, the foods reduced the sugar and carbohydrate cravings that Kevin had struggled with for so long.

Since the airing of this program in January of 2008, Kevin has lost an incredible amount of weight, so much weight that he was able to get off insulin. He is no longer immobile, and he no longer feels hopeless. BistroMD brought Kevin back from the brink of despair, and helped him get his life back. With the wonderful support from people like Dr. Phil, BistroMD can change your life with meal plans that taste great, and help you lose weight. After all, Dr. Phil doesn’t call BistroMD “the best home meal delivery available” for nothing!

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