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VH1 Celebrity Fit Club: Celebrities Battle the Bulge on National TV!

VH1 Celebrity Fit Club

VH1's Celebrity Fit Club is one of the newest weight loss shows to hit the air, and has become an instant success. They show features two teams of 4 celebrities that are competing to lose weight. Some celebrities have only 15 or 20 pounds to lose, and some come with over 100 pounds to lose. Each week the contestants compete in physical challenges that are designed to help the celebrities achieve their weight loss goals. Celebrity Fit Club has all of the elements that make for good television; celebrities, drama and embarrassing moments.

An important element of the show is the weekly weigh in. Once a week after extensive diet and exercise the contestants are weighed in in front of the other contestants and a panel of experts. The contestants’ progress is monitored and they are given their weight loss goals for the next week. This is typically where most of the drama of the VH1 celebrity fit club show begins. From contestants arguing with the judges to being under the influence of drugs at the weight in, there is never a dull moment.

After many weeks of diet and exercise the teams are weighed in one last time on the giant scales, and the team that loses the most weight receives a grand prize package. This prize package contains prizes that will help the winners celebrate their weight loss, and items that will them continue to lose weight. On the third season of Celebrity Fit Club, BistroMD was featured as part of the grand prize. For one year, contestants could receive one full year of complimentary food from BistroMD. A VH1 Celebrity Fit Club producer stated that BistroMD was one of the best prizes ever given on the show!

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