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When Dr. Phil Calls, BistroMD Answers

For an extreme weight case, Dr. Phil called on BistroMD to save a 44 year old man from his deadly eating habits.

Just What "The Doctors" Ordered

Sticking to a solid baby diet can be hard, but with BistroMD it's not impossible

A Photos Fitness: Celebrities Get Powered by BistroMD

A Photos Fitness is what is powered by BistroMD on "Celebrity Fit Club"

Dr. Phil Guest Gets a Lifechanging Makeover Thanks to BistroMD

A Dr. Phil Family Erin makeover is just what the doctor ordered thanks to BistroMD.

Lifetime TV Features BistroMD

Lifetime TV Features BistroMD and its founder, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. - the segment demonstrates how losing weight is convenient ...

VH1 Celebrity Fit Club: Celebrities Battle the Bulge on National TV!

VH1 Celebrity Fit Club: Celebrities Battle the Bulge and compete to lose weight on National TV!