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Just What "The Doctors" Ordered

Doctors Solid Baby Diet

BistroMD is just what the physicians ordered on the hit show, The Doctors. With a wide variety of health topics discussed daily, The Doctors always offer viewers tips and advice on how to stay healthy and live a better life. One show, in particular, featured BistroMD as an effective way for new moms to lose their solid baby weight.

Baby weight is a problem that plagues most women who are pregnant. Most women are ecstatic about having a baby, but conversely, most don’t look forward to working off those extra baby pounds after they give birth. When celebrities have babies, the average American mom looks at these women and often asks herself, “How do they lose the baby weight so fast?” Even though many celebrities have the fortunate luxury of having a personal trainer, not all of these celebrity moms lose their baby weight this way. In fact, many of these celebrity moms stick to a solid baby weight loss diet that is easily attainable for the average American mom.

In an episode titled “The Top 10 New Health Problems and How to Avoid Them,” the doctors talked about various new aspects of our lives that cause us to neglect our own personal health. Situations include getting a new job, starting a new school year, getting a new car, and even getting a new physician. One of the newest, and most stressful situations mentioned was, of course, becoming a new parent.

When we become new parents, our focus becomes solely fixated on the new little person in our lives. As a new mom, many women don’t have time to focus on losing their baby weight because they are responsible for taking care of their new infant. Unlike celebrities, many women can’t afford to hire a personal nanny or a round-the-clock babysitter. The baby becomes the first and only priority, which is why so many new moms procrastinate on losing their baby weight. This preoccupation with their new child also causes moms to eat less nutritional foods, and improperly balanced meals, because they simply don’t have the extra time to shop and eat healthily.

With this problem, comes the solution that BistroMD can offer all new moms; properly balanced and nutritious meals so you can lose the baby weight and keep it off. Celebrity moms, like Ashley Simpson-Weintz, have ordered properly balanced meals to be delivered to their homes -- like the ones offered by BistroMD -- so they could still focus on their child, but eat healthy at the same time. BistroMD was recommended by The Doctors as one of the best and most effective ways for new moms to lose their baby weight.

With convenient delivery straight to your door, BistroMD offers new moms a variety of healthy, and properly balanced, meal plans that provide essential nutrition to help you lose weight. Many of the meals can provide new moms with good doses of lean protein and healthy fiber. These foods help you feel satisfied, without overstuffing you, so you feel full and your food cravings are controlled. With a new baby, the last thing a new mom should have to worry about is the food she is eating. The Doctors agree: with meals that are nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled, losing your baby weight has never been easier with BistroMD!

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