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Dr. Phil and BistroMD Help a Stressed Mom Lose Weight

Hollywood, California--February 22, 2010--Six years after Erin, the mother of a troubled family wrote to Dr. Phil asking for his help, the "Dr. Phil Family" returns, having overcome many trials such as teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, and an arrest, to share their progress and to update Dr. Phil on Alexandra’s pregnancy and pending divorce.

Throughout all of the family’s ordeals, Erin, the mother, had very little time to take care of herself and that left her drained, emotionally and physically. Her family has a history of alcoholism, and while Erin was able to escape alcohol addiction, she indulged in binge eating and an addiction to chocolate and sugar.

Erin explains: “I told myself I was being selfish by exercising and taking care of my needs. Instead I was putting myself at the bottom of the list and never getting there. This is where the self-medicating with food started. My metabolism tolerated this insane behavior for quite some time. Then, almost as though someone turned off a switch, my metabolism went missing. WHERE did this tire around my middle come from? It was really starting to get in the way of my life.”

Since then, with the help of Dr. Phil, Erin has taken charge of her life again and has committed herself to a lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise. BistroMD was there to help her reach her goals by offering her convenient doctor-approved, nutritionally-balanced meals. Through proper nutrition and exercise, Erin has transformed before the cameras looking much more vibrant and healthy than she has in past episodes.

BistroMD is proud to have assisted in her journey.

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