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BistroMD Sees Success Stories in the Media

As the number one physician-designed, chef-prepared diet delivery company in the nation, BistroMD has seen success from many clients, including in the media and on the airwaves.

See how these inspirational stories reached national recognition and how their journeys of triumph can turn into your very own personal story of success!

Erin Before and AfterErin's Transformation—Featured on Dr. Phil

For seven years now, Dr. Phil has been helping a specific family cope with their problems. Erin, a 49-year-old mother and grandmother, has had a very stressful time dealing with her daughter, Alexandra. Erin was so fed up with her daughter and her actions that she personally wrote to Dr. Phil for help in dealing with their family issues. It was getting so bad that Erin and Alexandra’s issues were beginning to split the entire family apart. Dr. Phil found out that having a baby at 15 was just one of the many stressful situations that Erin had to deal with when it came to her daughter, Alexandra.

With healthy eating provided by BistroMD and with the help of acclaimed plastic surgeon, Dr. Drew Ordon, co-host of the hit show, The Doctors, Dr. Phil granted Erin a truly remarkable makeover that helped her look and feel 10 to 15 years younger.

In an unbelievable reveal on the season finale of Dr. Phil that aired on May 26th 2010, the 49-year-old mother and grandmother revealed her new look to the world. In total, Erin lost 25 pounds and 25 inches by eating gourmet meals delivered right to her door by BistroMD.

“We were so pleased to watch Erin’s stunning transformation. The convenience of our meals, our expertise, and the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to lose weight has helped many people just like Erin,” said Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a bariatric physician and the founding expert behind BistroMD.

Feeling that a little confidence boost would pick up Erin’s broken spirit, Dr. Phil prescribed the meal plans of BistroMD and the expertise of one of the country’s top plastic surgeons to transform Erin into the happy person that was buried beneath all of the personal drama and despair.

“I hit a wall in my weight loss, so I called one of BistroMD's dietitians. The next week, I lost the weight. BistroMD is not a magic pill I took to instantly change my life. Instead, the meals helped me maintain consistent weight loss,” said Erin.

Erin now looks gorgeous and healthy!

Dr. Phil Changes Lives of HousewivesChanging the Lives of Housewives—Featured on Dr. Phil

In its all new season, housewives are opening up, getting real, and taking the first big steps towards living healthier and happier lives. This monumental effort isn’t being done alone. Once again, Dr. Phil has turned to the convenient home delivery of BistroMD to help his guests get healthy.

With a three-month supply of physician designed gourmet meals delivered to their home from BistroMD, the housewives will get on a plan that will re-train their metabolism, help them lose weight effectively, and get them on the right track of living a healthier lives.

“It is always rewarding to see the remarkable transformations that have taken place on Dr. Phil,” says Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., the founding physician behind BistroMD. “With chefs preparing our meals, and with convenient home delivery and my expertise, guests on the show, and clients alike, don’t have to sacrifice great taste to lose weight.”

BistroMD Boosts Teen’s Weight Loss—Featured on MTV’s MADE

A South Florida teenager who struggles with her weight of 295 pounds, Emma wants to transform from the ‘big girl’ and find the self confidence to participate in a plus-sized model fashion show. BistroMD provides Emma with weekly delivery of healthy and delicious weight loss meals as part of a comprehensive plan to help her achieve her weight loss goals. Although only 19, Emma struggles with portion control, selection of healthy food choices and finding the will to exercise.

Check out a special preview of the episode HERE

The medical community has shown that environment and influences at a young age can determine the risk of obesity. Positive changes made even at Emma’s age can help to limit serious risk factors from obesity such as high blood sugar and diabetes for the rest of her life. We are pleased to work with MTV's MADE to help Emma achieve her healthy weight loss goal and promote change that will help her live a healthier life,” said Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a bariatric physician and creator of BistroMD.

In addition to BistroMD meals, Emma also received free dietitian support from BistroMD, the help of a personal trainer as well as lessons from Life Coach, singer and actress, Joanne Borgella. Even with the support, Emma struggles to find balance and distinction between the old patterns and behaviors and the ‘new Emma’ who understands how to implement these tools. Check out her story in Season 11: Episode 30 of MTV’s hit show MADE, Plus Sized Model: Emma.

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