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BistroMD’s Writing for Wellness Competition Inspires Students to Make Healthy Choices

With cases of childhood obesity and teenage obesity on the rise, it is becoming more difficult to inspire the younger generation of high school teens and young adults to make healthy choices.

Our youth face a difficult challenge as they grow older: trying to live life as a healthy adult.

With soda machines lining school hallways, and with junk food becoming a popular lunch choice for students, our priority as a nation to make sure our children grow up to be healthy adults seems to be slipping away.

As one of the nation’s leaders in home diet delivery, BistroMD is not only a brand, but a team of experts whose ultimate goal is to serve as a helpful resource for clients and others who are trying to live healthier.

As a powerful force in the diet industry, our company is a helpful source of information and inspiration to clients and others alike. In correlation with this philosophy, it is our company's desire to educate and inspire the youth of this country to make healthier choices.

For the first time in its history, BistroMD recently launched an initiative to get the youth of our country to participate in something that would motivate them to make healthier choices, and to motivate their peers to do the same. This objective was developed by the BistroMD marketing department, and it became the First Annual BistroMD Writing for Wellness Student Essay Competition.

Why a Writing Competition?

Words serve to inspire, and there is nothing more inspirational than hearing wise words of encouragement from one of your fellow peers.

In an effort to promote teens and young adults to make healthy choices, BistroMD used its Writing for Wellness competition as a stepping stone to an even bigger objective for the company: getting teens to make healthy choices through education and inspiration from their peers.

“Today, about 25 million young kids and young adults are overweight, or at the risk of becoming overweight,” says Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a board certified physician in the field of weight loss, and the founding physician of BistroMD.

“As a parent, I truly understand how much it means to know your children are healthy and happy. So many young people today are overweight and don’t make healthy choices. Advice from a parent can make a big difference, but it is with encouragement from our peers that can sometimes be the big push that motivates us to make better choices. This is exactly what the First Annual Writing for Wellness Competition hopes to do.”

Words That Will Inspire a Generation

The First Annual BistroMD Writing for Wellness Student Essay Competition was launched back in February of this year, and BistroMD received over 120 submissions from high school students. 12 entries were chosen as finalists, and among these finalists one grand prize winner was recognized.

BistroMD Writing for Wellness

All of the students were asked to write about a range of popular health topics among younger generations.

From emotional eating, to creating their own fitness video on YouTube, the students put months of tireless effort and dedication into their writing, hoping to inspire others with their written words.

Some of the most awe-inspiring entries were focused around very difficult and very personal topics. These entries came from students who talked about controversial issues like dealing with emotional eating, and discussing their experience with rapid diet programs that are extremely popular among millions of teens and young adults today.

Miss Caily Horbal, a Florida high school student, was the grand prize winner of the competition. Caily's article touched judges with its profound real-life imagery of her personal struggles with emotional eating, and the extreme measures young people will take in order to "look good."

“As one of the judges of the writing competition, I was extremely moved by Cailey’s article,” says Amanda Paul of the BistroMD marketing department. “Her words were so genuine and so heartfelt. I don’t think anyone could read her article and not feel inspired.”

BistroMD Writing for Wellness

As the grand prize winner of the BistroMD Writing for Wellness Essay Competition, Caily received a $500 college savings bond, and her article will be featured in one of the upcoming editions of BistroMD’s nationally distributed newsletter.

Cailey’s article is just the first of one of the grand prize winners that the company hopes to have. The first annual writing competition serves as a stepping stone for the company to host future competitions among more high school students nationwide next year.

Just like the event this year, the company hopes that these annual writing competitions will serve as a way for teens and young adults across the country to inspire others to make healthy choices.

“BistroMD is pleased to recognize the achievements of Caily and her peers,” says Dr. Cederquist. “With childhood and teenage obesity on the rise, BistroMD seeks to promote awareness of health and nutrition among teens and young adults. The work these students did was outstanding, and we hope that their writing will serve as a way to inspire others.”

To read the rest of the entries for the BistroMD Writing for Wellness Student Essay Competition, please visit the health library section of our website.

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