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A Photos Fitness: Celebrities Get Powered by BistroMD



The only thing you see of celebrities is their photographs. These photos are always so one-sided because, most of the time, all you see is their glamorous lifestyle. On VH1’s "Celebrity Fit Club," you see how hard it is, even for celebrities, to commit to a diet and exercise plan. On this show, instead of seeing a photo’s glamour, you see a photo's fitness.

From Screech, to Marsha Brady, to the ex of Britney Spears simply known to us as “K-Fed,” 7 seasons of VH1’s "Celebrity Fit Club," have truly been hard to forget. Foul language, tough judges, and celebrity quarrels have all contributed to the success of these famous weight loss contestants, and so has the food.

After 7 seasons of strict dieting, difficult team challenges and constant quarreling, many celebrity participants on this show have lost weight and maintained their new healthy makeovers. They turned their lives back to the way they once knew it by sticking to a rigorous exercise plan that also consisted of a healthy diet.

Most of the celebrities on the show had a personal affair with food. For many of them, food was the comfort they sought from years of rejection and career disappointments. With gobs of money, and no one to tell you how you should spend that on food, many of the celebrities did with food as they pleased.

Personal losses and psychological depression also contributed to the need for these celebrities to become obsessed with food. For many of them, dieting wasn’t an answer because most of them were used to eating great-tasting gourmet food that was filled with comforting, but unhealthy fat. With their kind of money, and their celebrity status, most of them thought the healthy option would be the most depressing option.

Since the beginning of the series, BistroMD has proudly provided all of the meals for the celebrity participants on "Celebrity Fit Club." From barbecue bliss, to scrumptious sirloin burritos, our celebrities were shocked to find that losing weight could actually taste really good.

BistroMD has been feeding celebrities for many years now, and the results have been good. With balanced meals that are portion-controlled and equipped with the necessary nutrition, there wasn’t an empty stomach in the house.

What makes our meals so special is the fact that we provide you with filling portions that can help you feel satisfied without being overstuffed. Many people (and celebrities alike) feel that protein is not the way to lose weight, but we are here to tell you that it is! In our meals, we provide you with lean quality protein that keeps you satisfied, but helps you lose weight. This lean protein includes foods like flavorful chicken and fish. Fiber is also included in many of our meals also because of its ability to make you feel full without being overstuffed. Fiber is also great at curbing your food cravings and energizing your metabolism. BistroMD brought the meals right to the celebrities, so all they had to do was heat, eat and enjoy!

Their photo's fitness was definitely challenging, but worth their time and effort.

With convenient delivery and food that tastes out of this world, BistroMD got these celebrities on the right track of eating healthy and losing weight. With balanced meal portions and proper nutrition, many of these celebrities had the energy they needed to pursue their personal goals of losing weight and getting back to their old selves. BistroMD got these cele

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