Custom Diet Plan for Weight Loss

My bistroMD is the only customization tool of its kind! As a bistroMD program member, you'll use my bistroMD to select your favorite entrees, giving our Registered Dietitians the information they need to build a satisfying and delicious personalized diet plan that is custom-built to your tastes.

Our experts build a program for you

Once you order, our Registered Dietitians create a custom diet program for you.

Choose your delicious entrees

Access my bistroMD to view your menu in advance. There you can customize your individual entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Update your preferences anytime

Log back in to my bistroMD at any point to review your menu, make edits, and take ownership of your own custom diet program.

Take Control of Your Weight Loss

take control of your weight loss

" I love the simplicity of my bistroMD. Customizing my program was a breeze, and I love the control it gives me over the entrees I receive."

- Debbie Acosta, 55, Saratoga, CA

Why bistroMD works

  • Nutritionally and scientifically balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your door
  • Customized, physician-designed weight loss programs
  • Scientifically balanced programs that target fat
  • Individualized support every step of the way

take a tour of my bistroMD

Sign in at

1. Sign in at

After you order, start creating your custom weight loss plan using our members-only interface!

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Customize your program

2. Customize Your Program

View your menu in advance and approve or make changes to the entrees that our dietitians have selected for your upcoming menu. It’s easy to swap out entrees.

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Change an entree

3. Click to Change an Entrée

To customize this menu, click on the meal image and change a meal. This will make a change for this menu only.

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Choose from our nutritional platform

4. Choose from Our Nutritional Platform

Here you can select entrees that are nutritionally equivalent to the original entrée our dietitians recommended for your menu. Our dietitians nutritionally balance each day’s menu for the most effective weight loss possible.

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Choose healthy entrees

5. Or Choose Outside Our Platform

Here you can choose any of the healthy entrees listed. If you choose from this list, they may be out of range for what our dietitian recommends nutritionally for your program on a daily basis. However all of our meals are still healthy choices.

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6. Approve Your Menu

Click to approve this menu and save your changes. It’s quick, easy and puts you in control of your custom weight loss plan.

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Review your entrees

7. Review Your Entrees

You can also change the entrees and snacks that are chosen for your menu. You can approve or remove them from your program. Our dietitians will plan your menu using your approved selections.

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Our dietitions create a custom menu

8. Don’t Need to Customize?

Not a problem. Our dietitians will create your menu using the full selection of entrees available for our program.

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Update your preferences

9. Update Your Preferences Anytime

Log in at any point to update your entree selection. Our chefs are constantly crafting new delicious additions to the bistroMD menu, so keep reviewing your entrees regularly!

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10. enjoy!

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