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Did We Lose Weight Review

Did We Lose Weight Review

Have you ever felt deprived while on a diet? Chances are, you have, but not to worry. Enter BistroMD. The BistroMD diet was developed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist and her team of nutritionists and award-winning chefs to help people shed pounds while enjoying nutritious and perfectly balanced meals. Dr. Cederquist is a medical doctor who specializes in the field of weight management. She understands what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.

There is a common notion that dieting involves a lot of sacrifice, not only in the choices and types of food that you can eat, but also in terms of taste. Most people equate delicious food with food and ingredients that are fatty or unhealthy. Dieters who have come across BistroMD have always asked the perennial question of whether chef prepared or restaurant-style diet meals can really help them lose weight. Well, we are here to help you find out.

BistroMD is the Official Biggest Loser Meal Plan

Those of you who are fans of the hit NBC reality TV show, The Biggest Loser, which features Jillian Michaels, should know that BistroMD is the official meal plan for the show.

Underlying Principle of the Bistro MD Diet Program

BistroMD was developed in order for dieters to enjoy partaking in delicious, healthy, meal plans with the end result of losing weight, improving their eating habits, and becoming healthier overall. The plan was also developed to help busy people with the hassle of preparing healthy meals for the whole family. Aside from the unique meals and healthy snacks, the BistroMD program also includes a weekly information program that breaks down the science behind losing weight.

The premise of the BistroMD diet program is that dieting should not be equated to deprivation. BistroMD believes in eating fully cooked, healthy, and delicious meals. Through combining the science of nutrition with culinary cooking, one can lose weight as a result of having portion-controlled, and perfectly-balanced, delicious meals.

BistroMD designs meals with an average calorie count of 1,200 calories a day. They stress "average", because some of the meals can be above or below this level. BistroMD reasons that it has been medically proven that if you stick to a strict intake of 1,200 calories a day, your body gets used to this intake, which in turn makes it harder and harder to lose weight as you continue on the program. By varying — increasing or decreasing — the calories on a day-to-day basis, your body and metabolism do not get a chance to get used to a particular level, which makes losing weight more effective.

Top Reasons to Begin the Bistro MD Diet Program

Below are some of the reasons why BistroMD is becoming increasingly popular among people who are trying to lose weight.

One of the most prevalent reasons given as to why new clients sign up for the BistroMD program is that it was developed by a medical doctor who specializes in weight loss management. The BistroMD diet was initially developed by Dr. Cederquist to help her patients lose weight. Dr. Cederquist is board certified in family medicine and bariatrics, the specialty of medical weight loss. Dr. Cederquist's developed her meals to satisfy the discriminating tastes of her Naples, Florida clientele. In no time, the meals became so popular, that word of mouth advertising had people begging to receive her meals. Today, Dr. Cederquist's meals are marketed as BistroMD and are increasingly becoming one of the most popular home delivered diet meals available.

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