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BistroMD Receives Rave Review from Examiner

NAPLES, FL—In a recent article published on the website, bistroMD, the weight loss program that provides great tasting, nutritionally sound meals for a lighter, healthier you, received a rave review from author, Jennifer Hellickson, and one of its very own clients.

In a review titled “Meal Delivery Programs Can Help Keep the Holiday Weight Gain at Bay,” bistroMD is featured by Hellickson as one of the best solutions for maintaining control over your diet during the holiday season. bistroMD client Mimi Holtz is also featured in the review and describes the benefits of having the meal delivery service during a time of year where food is difficult to ignore.

“I have an optimistic outlook because I know that I’m eating the right foods in the correct amounts to lose weight and be healthy,” says Holtz. “I do have more weight to lose, but I’m confident that the pounds will come off. [This] was the first step in a process of getting healthier.”

Other than managing her own avocado farm in Escondido, California with her husband, Mimi has managed to lose nearly 15 pounds. She’s seen an increase in energy, and now has the urge to exercise.

As the author of the article, Hellickson sampled meals from bistroMD and was impressed by the quality of the food—especially when it comes to the company’s “missing” chemically-ridden ingredients.

“Every entrée (breakfast, lunch, dinner) was shipped together in a cooler with dry ice to preserve freshness, along with plenty of fun protein-packed snacks,” says Hellickson. “The only thing missing? All the chemicals, fillers and additives in typical frozen meals and diet meal plans.”

In addition to the fresh packaging, Hellickson also raved about the food, and found bistroMD to be “as convenient as the meals were tasty.”

“Through the holiday season it can be a challenge to keep up the continued motivation to stick with healthy eating and maintain your diet,” says Dr. Caroline Cederquist, founding physician of bistroMD. “We will continue to help Mimi achieve her goals with the right balance of diet and nutrition, and we will continue to provide her motivation throughout the holiday season.”

To read the entire bistroMD review from, please click here.

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