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Senior Health

Here you will find informative articles on the topic of senior nutrition. Topics covered range from senior nutrition and weight loss to the relationship between BMI and quality of life for the elderly.

Weight Loss For Seniors Advice

Weight Loss For Seniors Advice

People used to think it was unsafe for seniors to try to lose weight, that it could actually be dangerous to their health.

I'm Dr. Caroline Cederquist, with Get The Skinny on Your Health.

That old conventional thinking about seniors and weight loss was based in part on statistics for all weight loss in the elderly - deliberate, guided weight loss, together with the unintentional weight loss caused by illness. Naturally, that skewed the picture.

Nowadays, studies show the clear benefits of getting rid of excess weight at any age, and among seniors, even a small weight loss can mean freedom from a medication for blood pressure, high cholesterol or something else. With so many risks from drug interaction, that improvement alone is worth the effort.

Of course, folks of advanced years have to be extra careful when losing excess weight, particularly taking care to avoid dehydration, so always consult your doctor before starting a weight-loss effort.

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