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Senior Health

Here you will find informative articles on the topic of senior nutrition. Topics covered range from senior nutrition and weight loss to the relationship between BMI and quality of life for the elderly.

Senior Meal Delivery: A Great Option for Your loved One

Meal delivery is a powerful tool in maintaining health without the stress of planning and preparation. Despite the exact reasoning leading to its implementation, senior meal delivery can offer senior nutrition with the ease of front-door delivery. Meal delivery service for seniors is a great option for your loved ones!

Senior Meal Delivery: A Great Option for Your loved One

Meal delivery is a powerful tool in maintaining health without the stress of planning and preparation. Senior meal delivery can offer senior nutrition with the ease of front-door delivery and less worry if your loved one is getting the necessary nutrition their body needs.

Why Choose Senior Meal Delivery?

There are numerous factors that can impede on good senior health. The following are common inevitable changes the senior population faces and justifications in providing quality foods:

Slower Metabolism
Lean body mass is often reduced as age advances. Losing precious muscle also slows down metabolism.

Reduced Energy
Fatigue and lessened muscle strength might lead to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Loss of Appetite
The senior population commonly faces appetite loss, mostly related to taste and smell changes.

Cognitive Changes
In addition to physical body alterations, seniors are at an increased risk of cognitive changes. These changes may preoccupy them away from meals and lessen their interest in foods.

Though taking prescribed medications in the senior popularity is common, they generally always provoke side effects. Individuals may experience an increased or reduce appetite.

The Consequence of Body Changes

The cultivation of the factors may go one of two ways: weight gain or weight loss, both considered to be malnutrition. Lack of calories and nutrients increases the risk of infection, muscle weakness, anemia, a pressure ulcer or bone fracture while too many calories pose the risk of weight-related conditions including diabetes and heart disease. Ultimately, diminished or accelerated food and nutrient intake can lead to lengthier hospitalization visits and stays, increase healthcare costs, keep seniors from remaining independent, and be extremely destructive to quality of life. And though weight gain is not ideal, unintentional weight loss is undesirable and risky. So how can you stop your loved from undernutrition? Stay aware of these risk factors:

• Disinterest in food and diminished desire to eat meals and snacks.
• Consuming half or less of meals and snacks, even if favorite foods are offered.
• Needs assistance in meal set-up, especially with obtaining ingredients and preparing meals.
• Difficulties in chewing or swallowing foods, whether it be related to new dentures or indigestion.

But beyond the risk factors, provide your loved one with meal service for seniors. Silver Cuisine was created with seniors in mind by crafting well-balanced meals to meet their nutritional needs in all aspects of malnutrition. Meals offer lean proteins for the preservation of lean body mass along with nutritious whole grains and produce to provide essential vitamins and minerals. Silver Cuisine offers seniors flexibility, food accessibility, discounts, and nutritious meals right at their doorsteps. The compilation of all contributions ultimately allows seniors to focus on what is most important: life quality. For more information and to purchase meals, visit Silver Cuisine here.

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