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Healthy Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Healthy Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, which means that you and your significant other will probably go out to dinner, and shower each other with gifts of chocolate and roses.

Although most of us look forward to celebrating our declaration of love, Valentine's Day may not seem so great if you are trying to lose weight. If you still want to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your honey, but still keep things healthy, here are some other options.

Choose Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk Chocolate

Not only is dark chocolate a healthier option, but it is good for your heart.

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for destroying free radicals, which are harmful molecules that can increase your risk of serious cardiac conditions, like heart disease.

Antioxidants are also known for slowing down the aging process. So, the more dark chocolate you eat, the fewer wrinkles you may have!

Dark chocolate has also been shown to lower blood pressure and even cholesterol.

Don’t overindulge in your “chocolatey” fix, however. If you are going to eat dark chocolate, make sure you balance it out with the rest of your calories. Even dark chocolate is still high in calories in fat, so it’s important that you balance out your indulgences properly.

If you are too concerned about calories, there are other options. A fruit bouquet is also another "healthier" declaration of love. You can even request that some of the fruit be dipped in dark chocolate, just to keep things traditional.

Get Out and Move Around Together

Rather than just going out to dinner and then heading home, why not make things more interesting this Valentine’s Day? Get out and about together.

Since it’s winter, make the most out of the cold and go ice skating.

Not only will ice skating bring you closer together, but the two of you will be keeping things fit. In just one hour of ice skating, you can burn as much as 346 calories!

If the weather isn’t too frigid where you are, go for a hike in the woods and have dinner in an isolated camping spot. You could also go for a romantic stroll on the beach, or do something fun, like miniature golf.

However you choose to celebrate your romance, it makes for a more interesting experience if you are out and about together.

Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

Most restaurants are crowded on Valentine’s Day, so why not stay at home and cook a healthy romantic dinner for two?

You could prepare a heart healthy meal at home as a couple. The American Heart Association has some great recipes.

If you do decide to go out, make sure that you choose smart. Before you actually sit down for dinner, do some research and go to a restaurant that serves a variety of healthy options. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your server. If you and your other half have some questions about a particular dish, it’s okay to ask for the nutritional credentials.

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