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Fall Health Tips that Won’t Make Halloween a Night of Frights

Fall Health Tips that Won’t Make Halloween a Night of Frights

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is fast approaching, and with it, a season full of less than healthy temptations and treats. For many parents, the uneasy feeling about the stash of candy weighing down their children’s Halloween bags is as much about cavities as it is about their own health. A piece of candy, here and there, is one thing - but many of us have a hard time stopping at just one.

According to weight loss specialist and mother of four, Caroline Cederquist, M.D., Halloween candy is nothing to be afraid of. “I really do think that we need to enjoy life and enjoy the celebrations, and Halloween candy is a part of that.” In this article you will discover how Dr. Cederquist suggests putting and end to your dieting woes during this nutritionally frightful time of year.

Start the Conversation Early with These Fall Health Tips

Dr. Cederquist emphasizes the importance of eating what you want, as long as it's in moderation. Nothing is off limits, so long as you stick to a healthy nutritional framework most of the time. In the case of children and Halloween candy, Dr. Cederquist states, “Make it a small serving that your child can truly enjoy and take their time eating.”

Making Halloween and fall treats off limits just reinforces the idea that sweets are a magical treat worth hiding, sneaking, or stealing from friends. This is as true for the children in you life as it is for you, an adult. If you allow Halloween candy in moderation, you will be teaching your children, and yourself, portion control. "This is one of the most important health tips I can provide - Instead of instilling a sense of coveting and desire for unhealthy treats, make them something that is just a part of life," says Dr. Cederquist. "You can demystify candy and sweet treats by making them a moderated part of your overall diet."

In their own lives, many adults think of Halloween candy and other fall treats as the enemy. Dr. Cederquist explains that a great way to limit candy for you or your child is with fun size bags. “There have been studies showing that if people have a huge one pound bag of M&Ms, they will eat more overall. This is true even if they don’t finish the bag. However, if you give your child one of the fun-sized bags of M&Ms and tell them to savor and enjoy it, then they will take a lot longer time eating it and be just as satisfied. This tip works for adults, too.”

Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas pies should not have power over us in the way that they do for many. In our everyday lives, we need to refocus our mental energies on the things that we should eat, and not on what we think we should not. Indulging, in moderation, on special days is common and completely acceptable if your regular diet is balanced and nutritious.

“We should be more concerned with what we’re eating on a daily basis,” says Dr. Cederquist. “The long term effects of one night of candy are insignificant. Lifetimes of unhealthy habits, on the other hand, are worth making a fuss about.”

Enjoy your Halloween candy and savor the yummy treats that the fall season brings. A few fun-sized candies, or a piece of homemade pie, are nothing to fear if you're eating a healthy diet the rest of the year. Remember, moderation is they key.

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