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Healthy Eating

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What Are Healthy Foods?

The Question on Everyone's Minds

What Are Healthy Foods?

Our culture is obsessed with looking good, maintaining a “normal” weight and the food that has caused 36% of the United States to become obese.

With obesity on the rise, it’s time to be honest—do you really know what’s healthy?—most people don’t. However, if you can answer this question—what are healthy foods?—you are on the right track.

Healthy food does not taste like cardboard, but it does have the necessary dietary components your body needs to live a long, healthy life.  These include protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fat.  A piece of food does not need to have all of these components to be healthy; however, your combined daily food intake should meet all of these requirements to be considered healthy. 

What are healthy foods for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Eating a healthy breakfast can set you up for a healthy and productive day. Skipping breakfast or eating an unhealthy breakfast can leave you feeling tired, hungry and sluggish. 

What is a healthy breakfast? We’re certainly glad you asked. A healthy breakfast consists of adequate amounts of protein and fiber.  Adequate protein is about thirty grams of protein.  Examples of this high protein and fiber breakfast include:

      - A cup of cottage cheese and fruit

      - Yogurt and berries

      - Eggs and whole grain toast

      - A protein shake with fruit

What are healthy foods for lunch?

Lunch is typically eaten at midday and is a great way to re-boost your energy and keep you focused throughout the day.  Unfortunately many people fall victim to the mid afternoon slump. Keep reading to find out how to avoid the 2 o’ clock blues.

A healthy lunch consists of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit.  This combination not only keeps you full but also provides your body with a variety of nutrients.  Examples of healthy lunches include:

      - A turkey and tomato sandwich with an apple

       - Meat or vegetable soup or chili

      - Sushi

      - Stir fried chicken, pork, or beef with vegetables

What are healthy foods for dinner?

Dinner is considered the largest meal and consequently, contains the most calories.  Because of this, portion control is especially important at dinner time.  For advice on portion control, click here

Like lunch, healthy dinners should contain protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.  Examples of healthy dinners include:

      - Chicken breast with rice and broccoli

      - Grilled pork with potato and green beans

      - Pork tenderloin with orzo and asparagus

      - Shrimp pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms

      - Grilled salmon with rice and green beans

What are healthy foods to snack on?

Lastly, snacks are a great way to keep feeling full in between meals. Unfortunately, many people reach for unhealthy alternatives that are high in calories and fat. Try these healthier alternatives instead:

      - Protein bars

      - Carrots and hummus

      - Yogurt and granola

      - Nuts

If you’re not sure how you’re going to find the time to shop for healthy food or you’re not used to cooking on a regular basis, don’t panic.

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