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Eating a Heart Healthy Diet

Eating a Heart Healthy Diet

In the United States today, some of the leading causes of death are heart disease and obesity-related diseases.

In order to help you live a healthier life, here are a few important things to consider when it comes to embracing a heart healthy diet.

The Cholesterol Versus Fat Battle Is Important, But It’s More Than That

You don’t want to build lists where you put certain items above others. When it comes to cholesterol versus saturated fat, cholesterol is better for you than unsaturated fat because your body needs cholesterol. Overall, though, it's more important to know the origins of these substances than it is to simply avoid them.

Understand Unsaturated Fat When it Comes to Staying Heart Healthy

It is a commonly held belief that as long as a particular kind of fat is unsaturated, than you can eat all you want, which isn’t necessarily true. Unsaturated fat is still a big source of calories. You can eat carbs or proteins or other types of foods and get calories in a far more efficient way. Even though unsaturated is better than saturated, you still don’t want the bulk of your calories coming from that area. It's even believed that there could be a link between the total amount of fat you take in and your chances of developing certain diseases, so you should always look to limiting the amount of fat you take in, even if it is unsaturated.

Fat Might Not Be So Bad, Sometimes

The recent "fat" revolution has been lead by the discovery of Omega-3 fatty acids and how you simply can’t get enough of this wonderful ingredient. The problem is that many of the carriers of Omega-3 fatty acids, like fish, also contain a far less beneficial ingredient known as Omega-6 fatty acids, which can harm you. When you add in the fact that some fish can contain too much mercury and other harmful ingredients, taking a fish oil supplement may be a better option for you.

Fiber Is Essential

Fiber can be broken up into two categories: soluble and insoluble. The soluble kind is good for your liver and for lowering your cholesterol. The insoluble kind is good because it helps regulate your blood sugar levels and it is great for your digestive system.

This is why you want a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, and not in refined carbs. This is why most healthy diets recommend switching from refined white flour to whole wheat flour or from white rice to brown. It is simply that much better for you. Not only will you feel fuller, longer, but you will also keep your blood sugar stable, helping your body run more efficiently. It's a win-win across the board.

Many people, though, still wonder how much fiber they should intake daily. This is the million dollar question, of which there is no easy answer. Every metabolism takes on fiber at a different rate, so you are going to have to experiment to see how much you need daily in order to gain the maximum benefit. The important thing to remember is that if you are changing your diet to lower your cholesterol, you can’t just eat soluble fiber. It takes a multifaceted approach to the problem. Increasing your intake of soluble fiber is a huge part of that, but not the only part.

For more tips from our experts, please visit our healthy facts section for more information.

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