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Tips for Success on the bistroMD Program

Tips for Success on the bistroMD Program

Attention all bistroMD program members, we’ve got a treat for you. Our purpose is to provide access to an environment that inspires people to take life-long ownership of life transforming wellness and what better way to do that, than to share our tips for success with you? Some are motivational. Some are informative and some are just plain practical.

We asked our current and past program members who have had amazing results on the bistroMD program to share their best tips for success. In their own words, here they are!

 “Ask questions! It took me a month to call the dietitian support and I wish I had sooner!”
     -Debbie Johnson.

“Join their support community.  My first week on the program, I saw on the bistroMD Facebook page: One healthy meal won’t make you skinny; one bad meal won’t make you fat.  After years of “dieting”, it was the first time I thought about food like that and it made me realize that this was serious and I was making a commitment to myself to get the results I wanted.”
     -John Southard.

“I worked to duplicate the meals for my family.  The journey was easier with my families support and now I have the only kids who enjoy lentils and asparagus on my block!”
     -Jim Stevenson.

“I put my food on a real plate.  It may taste the same as in the tray, but somehow I get more excited seeing it all laid out.”
     -Pam Grady.

 “Be open about your diet to the other members of your household and share with them how important this weight loss process is to you. Being open and transparent ensures that no one will eat your bistro entrees by mistake.”
     -Scott McGillary.

“Try to arrange your entrees by day and type of meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to make planning your meals a lot easier.”
     -Kathleen Rosen.

“The color of your bistro meals directly correlates to the type of meal it is. Purple is breakfast, lunch is green and red is dinner.”
     -Cecil Regalada.

“If you place your order by Tuesday at noon, bistroMD will send out your delicious entrees that week! But, if you place your order after Tuesday at noon, your entrees will arrive the following week. This confused me when I first started the program.”
     -Sean Layton.

“If you have a health condition, like Diabetes, their registered dieticians are more than happy to work with you. They’ll even help create a special menu just for you. They’ve made by struggle with Diabetes much more bearable.”
     -Carly Johnston.

“Set realistic goals for success. If you set an unattainable goal right from the get-go, you will feel more discouraged if you don’t reach your goal right away. Remember that you can’t lose weight overnight and celebrate the small victories.”
     -David Barel.

“No one is perfect so learn to expect setbacks. Pick yourself up and don’t let one splurge become an all-out excuse to cheat your diet.”
     -Carissa Capilano.

Here are some additional tips from our amazing program members on Facebook:

“Pretty simple. Eat what you’re given. Get the Snacks.”
     -Jim McNab.

“I don’t know how you cannot stay on track with this program. Believe me when I say these meals are nothing like the frozen meals you can buy in the market, or are they like the “other” home delivery weight loss programs…or even the other well-known programs that you go to, to pick your meals up. I’ve been on them all. These meals are prepared to perfection and they are so filling that you don’t feel the need to cheat. So, no matter how full you fee, eat all three meals and snacks. The great thing is that if you do have a time when you might go off—a special dinner, party, etc.—the very next day you’re back on track. No need to feel guilty.”
     -Linda Grear Conte.

“The food is amazing! We still may encounter some struggles, but what helps me stay focused, is reading, bistroMD Facebook comments, suggestions and support from other members is very motivating! We are all in this together and it shows in the comments.”
     -Paula Joy.

“Eat the three meals a day and eat your snacks when you feel hungry. I have trouble in the evening so I eat dinner late (7 p.m.) and save the snack for a little later in the evening. I’m never hungry anymore. Also water…drink, drink, drink and drink!
     -Ruth A. Marsh.

“Make sure you stick to three meals a day and the two snacks (whether bistroMD’s or your own). Keeping your sugar stable throughout the day makes ALL the difference in the world!”
     -Lydia Par.

“Stick with bistroMD and if you struggle, reach out to the dieticians.”
     -Deb Shayer.

Longer and healthier living can be achieved through how we eat and live. We hope these tips for success help you achieve lasting success on the program!
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