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Chewing Gum Weight Loss: Could It Be This Easy?

Chewing Gum Weight Loss

You might be wondering, "Is it possible to lose weight from chewing gum?"

The easy, practical answer is yes!

Many of us often eat too much because we want to have the flavors associated with food. In this regard, chewing gum can logically cut down on food cravings. Now, this is not to state in any way that chewing gum will take the place of an entire meal, but it may be able to keep you from giving in and eating that extra snack between meals.

If you can make positive changes that increase your odds of sticking to your diet, it is in your best interest. The notion that chewing gum might have an impact on your waistline, really underscores just how important your day-to-day habits can be. Losing weight often comes down to making the "best" small choices.

Your Chewing Gum Weight Loss Plan

Chewing gum can be a much more handy tool than you might at first believe.

Think about where and when you are doing most of your eating. If you are keeping a food diary, then you already have a fairly precise overview of your eating patterns.

Many dieters find that part of what derails their diet can be their choice of snacks. It is not unusual to struggle with your calorie intake when you get hungry between meals.

If you choose to chew sugarless gum between meals, this can make a major difference in maintaining a lower daily caloric intake, because you will be avoiding snack foods you may have otherwise eaten.

A recent University of Rhode Island study showed that people who chew gum not only consume about 68 less calories at lunch, they also eat less over the course of the day.

Many people also find that they snack while watching television.

If you know you are a “TV snacker” your first move is to work on cutting down your time spent in front of the television.

One interesting fact to note is that when you are working on projects that keep your mind engaged, you are less likely to eat. As a result, choosing to read a book instead of watching TV might help cut down on your snacking. If you are so inclined to play a video game, this choice is also more conducive to avoiding snacks. After all, playing a video game will keep your brain more engaged, and keep your hands busy, too.

The point is that anything you can do to get yourself away from mindlessly watching television is a good idea. Remember that eating while watching television may be part of how you gained the weight in the first place. Be sure to keep some sugar-free gum on hand by the couch or the TV so that you are less likely to go to the kitchen for snack food.

Explore All the Different Flavors of Chewing Gum

Many dieters complain about losing out on all the flavors that they love. Luckily, there are so many different sweet flavors of gum on the market. Keeping a variety of different flavored gums handy will keep your taste buds stimulated. After all, the taste of food is what keeps us eating it.

Chewing Gum Can Always Be On Hand to Help

One of the best things about chewing gum is that it is portable, so you can chew it whenever you are having a craving. Since chewing gum is so handy, it is the perfect portable pal for anyone who needs to lose weight. Food cravings can strike at any time, and if you happen to have gum in your purse or your pocket, you have an easy way to conquer your desire for food.

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