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We Put Supermarket Frozen Dinners To The Test

We Put Supermarket Frozen Dinners To The Test

Everyone has craved a warm, tasty meal and looked to the freezer for the answer. Sometimes we just can’t find the time to cook our meals. That’s why grocery store freezer aisles are stocked with prepared, boxed meals. These stores know that sometimes you’re in a rush to be fed. But with all of the frozen diet meals out there, how do you know that what you’re eating is actually good for you? We’ve put frozen diet meals to the test.

Microwave meals are definitely convenient and with calories and fat content listed right on the back, it’s easy to keep your diet in check. Or is it? Sometimes boxed meals come with a big heaping portion of sodium and carbs on the side. And just because it’s got the word lean or healthy in the title doesn’t mean it’s your best choice. Plus, portion sizes can sometimes be a bit of a disappointment. Of course, there are only 300 calories in a bite size quesadilla.

Kashi, a tenderfoot in the frozen dinner world, serves up tasty meals of reasonable sizes. 300 calories and lots of fiber will fill you up and please your taste buds. But with only a few dishes out so far, it’s not really something you can live off of. Try the Black Bean Mango, Lemongrass Chicken, and Chicken Florentine. You’ll want more. Problem is there really isn’t much more to be had.

Lean Cuisine makes a good frozen pasta for just under 400 calories. But many of their other dishes are served in very small portion sizes leaving you hungry for more. Try the Chicken Fettuccine and Baja Quesadilla. But don’t expect to be satiated for long.

Look for frozen meals with a sodium content of under 500 mgs to keep your diet truly healthy. Once you’ve scanned the frozen meal aisle, you’ll realize this isn’t easy. For a gourmet meal that can be ready in seconds, BistroMD is the way to go. Our variety keeps your diet interesting. And each meal has been approved by the founding doctor and her team of nutritionists. That way, you know that when we say diet food, we mean it. And two snacks a day will keep your metabolism up and your stomach happy all day long. When your freezer is stocked with BistroMD’s diet delivery meals, dinner can be served in just a few minutes. You don’t even have to make the trip to the store.

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