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Getting the Most Out of Fall Fitness

Getting the Most Out of Fall Fitness
The weather is getting a little more chilly, but there are some ways you can still break a sweat, and get the most out of fall fitness.

Our fitness expert, Sean, is sharing his tips on how to get the most out of fall fitness by thinking outside the box when it comes to working out.

Leave Your Summer Goals Behind. Focus on Fall Achievements

Since you won’t be roaming around in a bikini during the middle of October, it's time to leave your summer goals behind.

“Instead of focusing on getting one part of your body in shape, switch up your routine for a more complete workout,” says Sean. “A combination of cardio, strength-training, and aerobics may be something worth pursuing.”

If the weather is chilly, you can get a full workout at home. All it takes is minimal equipment, and the right approach.

For cardio, try jumping rope. You don’t have to go outdoors, and it doesn’t take up that much space. If carpet presents a problem, make room in your garage or basement, or why not use the kitchen? If there is carpet all around, grab a piece of plywood.

“To get the most out of fall fitness by jumping rope, all you need is 10 minutes,” says Sean. “To start off, you may not want to jump a solid 10 minutes. Chances are, you may not have jumped rope in years, so it's best to take your time and establish a good starting rhythm.”

For aerobics, try yoga. You can take classes, or do it in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a yoga mat.

“Yoga is great for building flexibility, and is healthy for the mind and body,” says Sean. “If you are a beginner, don’t try to do too much time at one time, as this can lead to injury.”

To get more strength out of your muscles, grab a light pair of dumbbells (10 pounds), and incorporate these during some of your regular exercises.

Get Outside While You Still Can

One of the main reasons people don’t get the most out of their fall fitness routine is that they let the mentality of the cold weather get them down. Instead of thinking like this, try to get outside as much as possible before winter strikes.

“Instead of dreading the cooler weather, embrace it, especially if you know it is going to snow within the next few months,” says Sean.

Do exercises outside that will help you appreciate the changes of the season. Embrace the changing of the leaves by walking around a local park, or go for a bike ride with your family through the hills. Play with your kids outside in the raked up piles of fallen leaves.

This will help you enjoy the beauty of autumn, while embracing your urge to exercise.

Find New Active Indoor Activities

When it starts to get a little too chilly outside, take a date night, or go with your family to an indoor place where there are fun activities everyone can join.

“Go bowling, play racquetball, or go to a place with an indoor rock climbing wall,” says Sean. “All of these activities encourage you to get up and moving, and are great motivators to help you get the most out of fall fitness.”

To keep everyone on page, make it a weekly, or bi-weekly scheduled activity. This gives everyone something fun and active to look forward to.

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